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Jewelry Cleaning Hacks You Can Do At Home

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Do you have a collection of stunning pearls, jaw-dropping diamonds, or sparkling golds? Or maybe you’re the type who loves wearing fancy pieces of jewelry? No matter which one you’re fond of wearing and collecting, there’s always one dilemma that we can’t help but ask. How can I maintain the beauty of my jewelry on my own?

Keeping your precious jewelry in tip-top shape is essential, not only to maintain its dazzle but also its value. Jewelry is one of the most popular items in a pawn shop like EZPAWN. With your tiny pieces, you can immediately swap them out for instant cash.

Wearing your favorite jewelry will let you feel beautiful, confident, and shine like a star! Whether you’re looking for a casual look to match your silver necklace or a nice dress for your diamond earrings to help you get dressed like your favorite celebrities.

But you can’t possibly look like your idol if your jewelry is looking dull and has lost its shine. But, fret no more!  You can always give your silver and gold to gleam as they used to and your precious gems to shine, thanks to everyday household products!

We made a collection of simple ways on how you can maintain the beauty of your babies. Check them out below!

Hot Water For Solid Gold Pieces

You can clean your solid gold pieces of jewelry by soaking them in boiling water. Be guided that only solid golds can be boiled, but not other pieces of jewelry like fine gemstones.

Place your gold jewelry into a bowl and make sure to pour boiled water very slowly. Stop once boiling water covers your gold jewelry. When the water turns cold, Use a soft-bristle toothbrush, gently scrub and pat dry.

Baking Soda For Silver And Gold

When moisture reacts with the copper present in Sterling Silver, tarnish can develop. As for gold jewelry, tarnishing can occur when the metal alloy on your gold reacts to moisture, oxygen, and sulfur.

To get rid of tarnish in gold, cover your gold pieces with a light coating of baking soda. Once coated, sprinkle a bit of vinegar over it and rinse with water. For silver pieces, use 1/4 cup of baking soda and mix with two tablespoons of water. Create a thick paste and apply on your silver with a damp sponge. Rub gently, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Do not use this to remove tarnish on items with precious stones or pearls.

Soap And Water

Your good old soap and water work wonders in removing dirt on your jewelry. These are your go-to household cleaning hack when it comes to delicate pieces of jewelry containing pearls and turquoise.

Mix three drops of your favorite dish soap with two cups of warm water. You can also use gentle laundry detergent. Take your jewelry and dip it quickly into the solution. Gently wipe with a soft cloth to dry. Let it air dry for at least one day before storing.

You can also use soap and water to clean costume jewelry. However, when dipping the jewelry into the soap and water solution, use a soft cloth and dab it on the mix. This is what you’ll use to clean the costume jewelry as you don’t want any of the stones to fall off.

Wipe the costume jewelry with the dampened cloth, use another cloth dampened with plain water and use that to rinse it off. Pat your jewelry dry and lay them face down to avoid moisture from soaking the setting.


When you’re always on the go, you can rely on your favorite toothpaste to act as your handy dandy jewelry cleaner. Although dubbed as mildly abrasive, toothpaste is gentle enough not only to keep your pearly whites clean but your jewelry as well.

Mix one tablespoon of water and one inch of toothpaste. Use the solution on your jewelry to remove grime and dirt. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush for a deeper clean. Clean off the residue with a damp cloth and make sure no paste is left on your jewelry. Dry well.


It may come as a surprise, but yes, vodka can be an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning pieces of jewelry with crystals like emeralds and diamonds. Just make sure only to use this on crystalline gemstones or else you wouldn’t want to see what could happen next.

Simply dip your diamond ring or earrings on vodka for a few minutes and pat dry. Got dirt and grime on your eyeglasses? You can also use vodka to get rid of it by dipping a napkin and use that to wipe your glasses clean.


We often use ammonia to clean our floors, but did you know that it is also safe to use on your diamonds? One only needs to create a mixture of a cup of warm water and a fourth cup of ammonia to do the trick.

Soak your diamond in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Gentle scrub your jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t forget to clean into the crevices as these are the places where dirt and grime can sit. Rinse thoroughly and pat with a soft cloth to dry it off completely.

Aluminum Foil

Another war of removing tarnish on your silver jewelry is with the use of aluminum. Prepare a few cups of boiled water. Line a pan with aluminum foil and gently place your silver. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda, making sure to cover the jewelry. Gently pour boiled water over the jewelry with baking soda. Do this again on the other side, rinse well and pat dry.

Another way to do this is by lining a small bowl with your foil and filling it with hot water. Mix a tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Make sure to use the non-bleach variety. Soak the silver jewelry for one minute before rinsing it. Let it air dry. You can also use this to clean your precious silverware.

There you have it! These seven everyday household items are especially handy when you need to clean your precious pieces of jewelry without leaving your home. Just make sure to use only the items indicated for the type of jewelry you wish to clean. Cleaning your jewelry has never been easy! Do you have any other easy jewelry cleaning tips in mind? Comment down below.

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