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Travis Scott meme the new image going around

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Travis Scott meme is over here making brand manages anyone and everyone. From Fortnite to McDonald’s, Scott is demonstrating he will collaborate with any well-known organization with a sufficiently large check. Not that we’re judging, we’re glad for the person. He’s around here living his best (supported) life.

McDonald’s has now made the Travis Scott feast and Scott is selling McDonald’s themed merchandise – including a $90 Nugget body pad. (For what reason do we need it??)

Obviously, nothing is beyond reach in the realm of images, so when individuals were entertained by the extent of this organization the jokes promptly began coming in. Here are a portion of our top picks.

The body pad

The McNugget pad is likely the most intriguing piece of the entire Travis Scott and McDonald’s group up, so obviously turning into a meme was the first.

Travis Scott feast

Obviously the Travis Scott dinner is nothing weighty – it’s exactly what Scott typically arranges from the cheap food establishment. A quarter pounder with cheddar, lettuce, and bacon, a medium request of fries with tart bar-b-que sauce, and a medium sprite with additional ice.

The Travis Scott meme feast is in fact just accessible until October 4, however on the off chance that you truly love it that large number of things will in any case be accessible to you – you simply will not be calling it a Travis Scott dinner any longer.

Unfortunate representatives

Being a cheap food laborer is sufficiently hard, not to mention an inexpensive food specialist in a pandemic. Presently they will manage raucous youngsters and bad-to-the-bone fans? Goodness, McDondald’s representatives you’re more daring than we are.

Not global

Fanatics of Travis Scott meme were frustrated by the reality the restricted time feast is just accessible in the US. While we feel for them, this image is interesting.

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