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Victoria Jordan is renowned because she is the girl of Michael Jordan who is an NBA symbol. She was not conceived alone however her twin sister was with her. They are the primary twin little girls in their loved ones. Victoria’s mom is likewise a renowned model in the cutting-edge world and Victoria Jordan acquired a lot of notoriety due to her popular guardians. Her mom’s name is Yvette Prieto. Victoria Jordan was brought into the world already spoiled out of her mind and is one of the most affluent big-name youngsters on the planet. Michael Jordan is quite possibly of the most extravagant player on the planet and the best ball player of the time. He is the most generously compensated player on the world.


Full Name Victoria Jordan
Nickname Victoria Jordan
Father Michael Jordan
Mother Yvette Prieto
Date of Birth February 9, 2014
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Marital Status Single
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black


The most fortunate young lady Victoria Jordan went into the dreamland on the ninth of February 2014 with her twin sister Ysabel Jordan. She has a place in the USA and lives there. The most fascinating thing is that these twin sisters become renowned when they are conceived in light of their parent’s characters. The greater part of the magazines covered the introduction of Victoria Jordan and this is captivating for some individuals. A great many people love to be familiar with the intriguing tattle about these twin sisters and their folks. They have a delightful look. Victoria Jordan is 5 years old and a very charming youngster of superstar guardians. The honesty all overdraws in individuals to converse with her. This young lady is mostly the apple of her mother and father’s eyes. The zodiac indication of this wonderful super young lady is Aquarius.

Weight and Height

The delightful little girl of the renowned character who is partaking in her experience growing up life loads 20kg as per her age. She is the solid child and lovely girl of a multiracial couple. She has rotund cheeks and her eyes show how guileless this animal of nature is.

The level of this charming youngster is additionally great and it appears to be that like her folks she will likewise have a decent noteworthy level from now on. The hair of this cute youngster is wavy and this makes her more gorgeous. The vast majority are interested in the fate of this delightful youngster since they love Michael Jordan and Yvette. In this way, pondering the superstar youngster is likewise energy, and the vast majority love to invest their time discussing famous people.

Net worth

Victoria Jordan is in her 5 years of life and partaking in her lavish existence with her folks and kin in America. Her folks went into the universe of conjugal status in December 2011. Victoria Jordan is only a youngster, so she is completely subject to her folks. It appears to be her dad could have a net worth of approximately $2.1 billion.

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