Annemarie Powell

Who is Annemarie Powell?

Annemarie Powell is better called the little girl of American legislator Colin Powell. She is a nursery fashioner, columnist, TV moderator, and creator who has a few honors surprisingly.

His dad, Colin Powell died because of COVID-19 intricacies. He has allegedly inoculated anyway it was subsequently uncovered that he was unable to make due as he was at that point determined to have numerous myeloma.

How old is Annemarie?

Annemarie Powell was brought into the world on August seventh, 1971, and starting around 2022 she is 51 years of age and her introduction to the world sign is Leo.

In spite of the fact that she is a creator, writer, garden planner, and moderator she isn’t having an authority Wikipedia page. At the point when she was youthful, Annemarie Powell was an exceptionally energetic nursery worker as he even procured a differentiation in NCH Garden Design and Hard Landscape Studies from Capel Manor College in 1997.

Concerning her being a TV character, Annemarie Powell was facilitated by a few effective nursery makeover series on TV like Real Garden with Monty Don and Carol Klein.

The show changed its typical organization as it helped grounds-keepers in fostering their nurseries all through the seasons

Annemarie Powell later established Ann-Marie Powell Gardens Ltd which is a profoundly effective Garden Design firm in 1999.


Annemarie Powell arrived in this world through her parents, Colin Powell and Alma Powell.

His dad was an American legislator however kicked the bucket because of COVID-19 at 84 years old in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Colin Powell was a four-star military, legislator, and African-American Secretary of State. Her mom Alma is an American audiologist and top of America’s Promise.

Alma Powell is additionally a creator of America’s Promise and My Little Red Wagon two youngsters’ books. Annemarie Powell brought forth three kids, Annemarie Powell, Michael Powell, and Anne Powell.


Annemarie Powell has joyfully married anyway the name of her adoration life isn’t freely accessible however she frequently shares pictures with her husband on her Instagram handle.

She imparts two kids to her better half however they are mysterious and no other data about them is openly accessible.

Annemarie Powell’s net worth

Concerning the net worth of Annemarie Powell, she has amassed an expected net worth of $13 million, and her profit is from her calling as a creator, garden architect, columnist, and TV character.

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