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10 Popular Postgrad Majors To Study

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Education enlightens a soul. It is necessary for polishing your skills and preparing yourself for a long journey of self-actualization, career growth, and self-grooming. Although there are no limits to knowledge acquisition, it takes one small step at a time to advance from general education to professional studies and gear up for a career ahead.

There are several reasons why people decide to seek graduate degrees. Some believe it will provide them with the knowledge and experience necessary to grow in their profession, while others want to obtain the educational credentials necessary to switch industries or jobs completely. Some people prefer horizontal growth, pursuing additional degrees for lucrative benefits – whether it’s a higher-paying position in their current field or a new career in a more profitable market.

To earn a master’s degree, you must enroll in one to two-year degree programs. Students who have completed a bachelor’s program might benefit from a master’s degree in many professional, academic, and personal ways. Numerous practical specializations are available within specific disciplines within every branch of study. This article will help you choose your future career path by listing some of the most in-demand postgraduate degrees these days.

Healthcare administration

Master of health administration (MHA) makes it to the top in this year’s most popular and in-demand degree. The recent advent of COVID-19 has identified a huge void in positions inside the healthcare field. Healthcare organizations require administrative professionals with MHA degrees to design procedures that can impact patient outcomes with affordable care without sacrificing profitability and scalability. Some universities also offer online MHA programs no GRE-required that help skip the tiring preparation process for entry tests. The online route also helps students complete their coursework with flexible schedules through a collaborative learning environment.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The world is rapidly moving towards artificial intelligence and robotics based on machine learning. The introduction of AI-powered algorithms in many cloud-based services, the use of big data analytics to aid decision-making in business, and the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in almost everything are just a few examples of how AI is changing the landscape. The future holds great prospects for AI and machine learning, and taking it up for a master’s degree would put you at the forefront of AI innovation for the future generation.

Automotive engineering

In the aftermath of the global energy crisis, automotive engineering is rapidly shifting to micro-mobility, electric automobile engineering, and eco-design. An MS in automotive engineering is a vast field aimed at engineers from a wide range of disciplines as well as designers who aspire to be a part of the automotive industry and play their role in the complex and fast-paced developments in the automobile manufacturing and design industry.


With thousands of nurses retiring annually, the United States is encouraging students to take fast-track online nursing programs to be part of the healthcare industry. The role of nurses during the recent pandemic has shown how important it is for any country to develop a large workforce in the science of nursing. Fast-track MSN programs allow students to obtain the required skills in time and create opportunities for future growth in managerial positions in nursing.

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry are the talks of the town these days. Depleting natural resources and agricultural land has compelled governments and decision-makers to discover new ways to increase crop yields and maintain a natural balance in forestry. A master’s degree in Agricultural and forestry aims to equip students with the right skills to invent new ways to improve agricultural processes and incorporate technology to maximize growth in agriculture.


Through bioinformatics engineering, you can learn how to create and use information technology to carry out various health intelligence tasks. A bioinformatics engineer employs various techniques to examine complex biological data, such as gene sequence and protein absorption. Bioinformatics holds utmost importance in research on molecular biology and discovering new drugs. The recent pandemic is proof of the demand and importance of bioinformatics engineers.

Computer science

Computer science is one of the most useful master’s degrees since it prepares students for jobs as software developers or researchers in the fields of computers and information technology. Research scientists conduct experiments to evaluate new software, develop and modify programming languages, and address computing challenges. They publish their findings in scholarly journals, just like academics do. Software engineers collaborate with customers to design and maintain software solutions, business information systems, and decision support software.

Communications and media studies

Communication specialists are busy connecting teams to one another and organizations to customers. You can pursue a career in media studies, design, television, print, and digital media with a master’s in communication and media studies. This subject provides students with interdisciplinary coursework combining mass communication knowledge with social sciences and humanities. Students interested in spreading awareness, creating and covering news and stories, or evaluating media culture should consider a major in communication.

Environmental studies

Environmental studies include sustainable development, natural resource research, and environmental policy-making. It combines environmental awareness with a sophisticated multidisciplinary research module. This course aims to increase understanding of the environment and the ecosystems that sustain life on Earth. Students investigate the effects of human activity on the environment and discover how to create practical strategies for achieving environmental sustainability. The cultural and political contexts of environmental challenges in a region are also highlighted in this program.

Business management studies

A master’s degree in business and management studies focuses on how a business or organization operates and functions. Aspiring business entrepreneurs and leaders frequently choose a business management degree. This program helps them obtain skills to pursue international employment and helps develop a thorough knowledge of businesses-related aspects such as finance, marketing, management, etc. The business’s administrative, financial, and marketing facets are included in this degree program. Business studies, human resource management, management studies, leadership, project management, IT management, and marketing are just a few majors in MBA degree programs.


The field of education is a vast universe of knowledge with numerous subjects. Choosing a specific field depends on your strengths and which area you want to focus on. Disciplines in postgraduate degrees continue to grow as the world is witnessing a revolution in medical science, technology, and business administration. A postgraduate degree not only sets the course for your career progression but also defines a roadmap for future studies.
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