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10 Top Essay Writing Tips for Students

Essays are like the hydra. You can’t kill one without another taking over its place. In high school, you avoided essays by getting your friends to do them for you. Maybe you had enough resources to hire the professionals at Those guys know how to write the best and most engaging essays ever.
So, let’s say you used them, and since you graduated from high school, you felt no more essays. Now you are in college, essays have come right at you in full force and are even more complex than before. Now, no one is saying you can’t get help for your essays, but what about you. When would you learn how to write excellent essays? After college, you do realize you would still do essays, yes?
You will. Your workplace will require that you write reports, among other things. So, you can’t avoid essays, and you would start to have to confront them. This is why you are in luck as you are reading this post. So, we would go over tips that will allow you not only to write essays but to write the best ones that your reader will find engaging. Let’s go over 10 Top Essay Writing Tips for Students.

10 Top Essay Writing Tips for Students

The Topic Determines Success. Get it Right. The question of your essay determines if you would have an excellent time writing or not. So, getting the right question seems complicated, even if you are free to choose your question. What you want to do first is to brainstorm. You can brainstorm alone or do it with people. You can also use the internet to your advantage by googling recent and relevant topics. Take the list of topics and do preliminary research on
them. If your instructor assigns you a topic, you must be more analytical. Study the question to determine what your instructor needs you to do.


Through your research, you can truly explore the potential of your topic. Intense research will allow exploring different materials and current thoughts on your topic. Also, the research helps you determine the gaps in knowledge that you can use in your essay to fill. However, don’t be so engrossed in your research that you use it as an excuse not to write. To prevent entering the trap of endless research, set a time limit to your research.

Prepare a Map or Outline

An outline is necessary if you want to write an essay. If you go into the woods without a map, you will be lost. That’s exactly how you will feel when you don’t have an outline. Instead of your writing is all over the place, an outline allows you to be precise. So before you write at all, after your research, write out an outline. Your outline shouldn’t be detailed but should be a pointer to what you want to cover in your article. Make the outline flexible enough for you to make adjustments when writing.

Write your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the purpose of your essay. It is from the topic, your analysis of it, and the extent to which your research has provided information to you that you’ll develop a thesis statement. The interesting part about this is that you don’t necessarily have to write an


Write The Body Still, hold off on the introduction. Write the body of the article and flesh out the ideas you have. Each paragraph should contain an idea or provide supporting information for such ideas and data. These could be statistics and facts, which serve as evidence for the content of your body. So, you must link the evidence to the content of your essay, and it must support your body.


Before you write your introduction, conclude first. The conclusion summarizes what you have written, including a brief review of your main points. You can also add additional evidence in this place for emphasis. Also, you must be assertive and authoritative.
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