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10 Video Marketing Statistics to Help Build Your Strategy in 2021

If one format of content has been winning hearts lately, it is undoubtedly video content. Businesses are usually torn between picture content or video content. However, video content is more successful in influencing customers when compared to any other form of content. Videos are more powerful because they add a human touch to what your brand wants to convey.
So, should you incorporate video marketing as your primary marketing tool in 2021? It is said that good numbers to support a theory have the capability of changing minds. Listed below are a few video marketing statistics that will make your decision easier.
When we talk about statistics for video marketing, there are many. You will see some huge numbers and percentages that will blow your mind. Let’s talk about a few of the most interesting ones in detail.

More than 87% of businesses use video marketing as an effective marketing tool.

As per video marketing statistics, more than 87% of businesses have understood the power of using videos to drive more sales and attention to their brand. It hardly matters where videos are uploaded. Whether on social media or YouTube, consumers will find videos far more attractive and see them irrespective of their location.

With a video message, users retain 95 percent of the information.

Why does this happen? Why does the human mind retain information via video? Because our brain loves visuals with sound and motion rather than a blog or a long post. Whatever form of content, it all comes down to just one thing- retaining a customer’s attention. Video happens to do it the best!

Consumers who saw a brand’s video stayed on the website for an average of 83 minutes longer.

In online pages, dwell time refers to the amount of time a user spends on a page. When we talk about SEO, dwell time plays a huge role because it signals that the user has been on this particular page for too long and is finding value in the content. This improves the overall ranking of the video and also keeps the users engaged. 

 Video content consumption has been seeing a cent-per cent rise each year.

This video marketing statistics is a huge indication to a brand that if your videos are not mobile-optimized, maybe it is time to go back and get it done. It is no secret that mobile phones are a person’s best friend. Users tend to use phones for almost everything, whether it is shopping or social media usage. Your video strategy needs to align with the videos performing exceptionally well on smartphones in such a scenario.

85 percent of consumers want businesses to provide more video content. 

This is an essential aspect of video marketing. If your customers want to see more videos, you need to create and work on more videos. Start creating content tailored to your target audience and investing more time and resources into your video marketing plan. 

Emails that have videos experience triple click-through rates.

Email marketing is slow but powerful. To make your email marketing even more effective, try attaching a video with it. Your audience can scroll through the written content without even reading it, but the same audience is highly likely to click on the video and watch it. However, it now depends entirely on how interesting you make the video. Remember, your potential customer is busy and will only watch the entire video if it has something to offer or is interesting enough to capture his attention throughout the video.

Ranking a website on Google’s front page becomes 53% more if the URL of the website has a video embedded in it.

If your sole aim is to rank your website on the search engine’s front page, ensure that you embed the video with the website’s URL. This increases the click-through rate of the website and also provides value to your target audience.

By using a video marketing strategy on social media, 90% of brands are onboarding new customers.

Given the success of social media campaigns, many businesses now consider it their central lead generation platform. Approximately 88 per cent of marketers report that they are satisfied with the return on their marketing investments. The main objective of a brand’s social media strategy is to generate leads. By using video marketing strategies, 90% of brands have achieved this objective!

YouTube has a staggering 1 million views per day!

Every day, YouTube receives about a million hours of viewing time (YouTube, 2021). YouTube gets more search requests than all other major search engine platforms combined, including Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask.
Mobile devices account for 70% of all YouTube traffic.

After Google, YouTube is the second most famous social media platform globally, a clear indication that video content is loved and preferred by many people.
Let’s put it this way, the total number of social media users worldwide is just a little below four billion. And when you take YouTube alone, it has more than two billion active users! These video marketing statistics show that if you want to reach a larger audience, YouTube content is the way through it.
According to statistics from 2020, YouTube ranked fifth among social media platforms utilized by marketers, trailing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Two billion videos are watched on Twitter every day.

While you thought that Twitter would be the last place people consume video content, the statistics state otherwise. Video is becoming increasingly important on Twitter, although the service was initially designed for text-only communication. Consequently, people on Twitter watch 2 billion videos every day, representing year-over-year growth of 67%.

Taking this remarkable Twitter video marketing statistic for 2021 into consideration, it is clear that the social media app is quickly becoming one of the most productive environments for implementing successful video advertising campaigns. In particular, to increase user engagement and to strengthen your brand’s image.

Conclusion – 

There are endless strategies to present your brand digitally. However, after going through the above statistics, video content seems to be doing wonders. Each brand should adapt to the digital industry changes and the kind of content that the consumers prefer to see. Videos are robust and have the power to convince your target audience. So, go ahead to your reliable video maker and use a video marketing strategy that will make your brand shine bright!

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