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5 Creative & Funny Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Whenever we plan a wedding, we all jump in to decide the theme, menu, décor, colour palette, centrepieces, gift favours for guests and so many other things. All this brainstorming is to ensure the wedding venue looks ravishing, the guests are satisfied, and most importantly, the wedding is made memorable. 

If you truly want your wedding to be glorious enough; you essentially must consider having a wedding guest book. Most betrothed are including wedding guest books in their weddings since they add entertainment to the event and bring up the zest of the guests. They also can be carried back home and used as a display piece or wall art enhancing the aesthetics of your space while being meaningful.  Additional to this; they can be preserved for years as souvenirs of the big day. 

With the plethora of options available today; wedding guest books are being designed in unique ways. Every individual is thinking out of the box and customizing the guest books to fit their preferences. As the choices increase, confusion does too! If you have been wondering and haven’t been able to select the right guest book for you; you are at the right place. 

Here we have brought together 5 creative and funny wedding guest book ideas! Read through and choose yours! 

1] Puzzle guestbook 

No matter how old you grow, puzzles are always going to be amusing and exciting. They are the best way to engage your guests and bring out the child in them. A puzzle guestbook will bring your guests together.

The puzzle can be a photograph of you and your partner or a group photo with all the guests. Watch your invitees rejoice and chuckle as they join the pieces while writing messages at the back of each piece. This puzzle can then be installed in your living room on a canvas or frame and you can flip the pieces every time you want to reminiscence your special day. 

2] Guest libs guestbook 

Not everyone would be into writing paragraphs when they’ve come to enjoy a wedding. This is why you need something that is simpler yet meaningful like mad libs! 

Mad libs are sentences with blanks that the reader needs to fill in! Formulate a fun guest lib and let your guests fill in these. The guest libs can incorporate advice for a happy marriage, the best part of the wedding, the opinion of the bride and groom, fun memories with them and so on. This will save the chance of guestbooks becoming a chore for the invitees. Reading the responses will be very fun over the years.  It will also be enjoyable for the guests to fill in the blanks in their own way. You can later read out the cards together as the wedding is settling down and you are hanging out with your guests having wine while soft music plays in the background. 

3] Wedding Video guestbook 

Video guestbooks are the most immersive forms of guestbooks today. Initially, connecting with individuals, putting together videos and adding final touches were all too tedious. Today, however, all the shortcomings of a wedding video guestbook have been minimized, making them highly preferable. By using certain tools today, you can design signage and set these up at the wedding venue. The guests who arrive can scan the QR on the signage and without logging in or downloading applications to their devices, film videos for your guestbook.  Since they will shoot these at the wedding, they can be very fun to watch later as they let you remember the day in its entirety. You can ask your guests to film certain candid moments too so the amusement is boosted. 

4] Fingerprint guestbook 

Bring in paints, spread milk-white sheets and let your guests engage in adding their fingerprints to the sheet.  They can sign on their prints, all of which can later be framed and used as wall art. 

A more amusing alternative to this would be setting up a dart game having a huge white canvas, on which, you attach balloons filled with paint. When the balloon is burst with the dart, the paint shall splash on the sheet. Let the guests aim for the balloon and write messages for you on the paint mark that remains. This will be very entertaining for the guests as they won’t have to merely engage in writing messages. 

5] Quilt guestbook 

Set up a table with blocks of cloth and let your guests write messages on these. Later you can sew all these pieces together into a quilt that is not only cosy but also has heart-warming messages. You can preserve these over the years as quilts tend to last very long.  

Guest books are definitely important to the couple getting married but you need to make sure the guests aren’t fatigued by that. Try and make the guest books as delightful and entertaining as you can so the guests have fun writing for you. Think through, be as creative as you can and have the guestbook that you can look back on for a lifetime.

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