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5 Helpful Tips To Improve Air Circulation in Your House

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Poor air circulation in your house agitates respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. The air inside your house needs to be filtered to decrease the impurities in your breathing air. Dust and other allergens linger when air is not properly circulating.

A muggy and smelly home means that your air is not the healthiest.

Cleanliness and indoor air quality of your home are directly related to your health. You can support your respiratory health by improving ventilation in your home.

Let us discuss five tips that will improve air circulation in your home.

1. Replace Your HVAC Filters

Change your HVAC filter every six to nine months to keep clean air flowing through your home. HVAC filters remove dust and other allergens from your home. A clean filter decreases the toxins in your home and keeps your breathing air safe. Changing your HVAC filters on schedule maintains a well-ventilated space.

Replace your filter when the air blowing from the vents gives off a slight smell. This smell is because of the excess dirt and odors in the HVAC filter.

Another sign that your filter has reached the end is when your indoor air feels damp. Mold can grow on old filters from moisture buildup. To avoid breathing in mold, do not prolong changing your filters. Breathing mold for long periods can lead to respiratory infections and cancer.

You can look at the filter to determine if it needs to be changed. Replace your filter when it turns dark gray like a dryer lint trap. Contact an expert if you need a second opinion on the health of your HVAC filter.

2. Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

Keep your breathing air free from nasty odors to improve your indoor air quality. Maintaining a clean home clears out stagnant air and germs so you can safely breathe your air.

Exhaust Fans

Your home has exhaust fans installed to help you circulate air through the space. Exhaust fans are great ways to ventilate funky air out of your home. Homes have exhaust fans in areas that are prime for odors and bacteria. So take advantage of those exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen.

Smoke and spoiled food can stick around, so use your exhaust fan when you cook. And before you go number two, turn on the bathroom exhaust to help reduce the smells.

Exhaust fans are great at ventilating homes and maintaining clean air.

Refresh Your Home

Odors create still air that holds impurities and makes your breathing air unsanitary. A clean home increases the quality of your indoor air. Take your trash out regularly to keep your air clean. Also, periodically clean your trash bin to banish any lingering odors.

Check behind your stove and refrigerator for fallen foods. Old food will grow fungus and make your air a petri dish for impurities. Vacuum your floors to cut down on dust and smells that plague your air. Add a bit of baking soda to absorb odors between vacuuming.

Your sheets also harbor harmful pathogens and are released into the air each time you make the bed. So wash and replace your bed linens to enhance your breathing air.

Create a cleaning schedule to get into the habit of refreshing your space.

Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts circulate air in and out of your home. Your air ducts may harbor dust and debris left behind by airflow. Clogged air ducts make it hard to refresh the air in your home.

It is time to clean your air ducts if dust is blowing from your air vents. Another sign to clean your air ducts is when the air vents do not blow as well as they should.

Clean the vents and air ducts in your kitchen and bathrooms as well. Bathroom fans may stop working when they get filled with dust. Kitchen air ducts need deep cleaning because of the grease and grime that builds up over time.

Do not forget about your cleaning dryer vents. Your air gets humid when your dryer vent is clogged. Humidity makes it difficult for air to circulate. Keeping your dryer vents clean helps air move freely throughout your home. And a clean dryer clean vent extends the life of your dryer.

Get your air ducts cleaned to increase the air quality in your home. Hire a professional to clean out your air ducts and vents because these areas are difficult to reach. You also do not want to damage your appliances.

3. Windows and Doors

You do not need artificial air and fans to ventilate your home. Circulating air through your house is as easy as allowing Mother Nature to supply your needs.


Your indoor air gets diluted with the carbon dioxide we naturally exhale. Let fresh oxygen come into the space by opening your windows. Open your windows on milder days and allow the cross-breeze to move air through your home. This ventilation method works best with double-hung windows.

Double-hung windows open from both the bottom and the top. The versatility of these windows widens your range of ventilation. Double-hung windows are a great option if you have children. These windows cut the risk of your child falling out of the window. Open these windows from the top whenever your little ones are around.

Search for double hung windows near me to see the prices of a window install.


Consider installing screen doors on the front and back of your home so you can amplify your airflow. Some home layouts have strategic door placements to optimize airflow.

Shotgun houses have good ventilation because the front and rear doors are aligned. This alignment allows air to travel through your home unobstructed. If you do not have a shotgun-style home, your doors will still move air throughout your home. You can have your door and windows open simultaneously to maximize airflow in your home.

4. Air Purifier

Buy an air purifier to filter out the impurities in your air. Air purifiers are great for improving airflow and lowering air toxins. Air purifiers are also great for people with chronic respiratory problems.

Purifiers minimize the dust, mold, and smoke in your home. Air purifiers capture odors and bacteria with the carbon filter housed inside. You can tell when a carbon filter needs to be replaced because it looks fuzzy and gray.

These air purifiers are compact and are easy to move throughout the house. To experience results, place the purifier in a high foot traffic area.

You are advised to change the air filter every 6 months. But purifiers have an indicator light to let you know when it is time to change the air filter. Filters for air purifiers are affordable and easy to install.

Air purifiers can be used in conjunction with open windows to increase airflow.

Combining purifiers with a natural cross-breeze will cut down on the need to use your HVAC system. You will save on your electricity bill when you choose eco-friendly ventilation methods.

There are also energy-efficient air purifiers that will not hike up your electricity.

5. AC Units and Fan Options

You can improve ventilation throughout your house with an AC unit or a fan. Both ventilation options are great supplements to your central air and heating system.


Fans are a great way to ventilate your home. Oscillating fans are great at supplying steady airflow and circulating air. These fans are lightweight and work best in front of a window.

Double window fans are great fans to have as a circulation option. These fans operate as an exhaust in addition to a cooling option. This helps pull out the old air and brings fresh air into your home.

AC Unit

Window AC units help to move air through your home as well. Window units blow outside air from the top vents while cycling out old air through the bottom.

There are even portable ACs that come with an exhaust hose. Portability makes it easy to move to different spaces in your home. Portable ACs also come with a filter to cleanse the air of any toxins.

Air Circulation in Your House

Faulty air circulation in your house can negatively impact your quality of life. Your lungs will be happy you took the time to improve the ventilation in your house. These tips will enhance your home life for you and your family.

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