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6 best stop motion animated movies of all time

Intro: Stop-motion animation is an art form that has been around since the late 19th century. It’s a process of making a movie where each frame is captured one photo at a time and then animating those photos to create the illusion of movement. Stop motion animation can be used for live-action movies or animated movies made entirely of puppets or models. It’s a style that takes a lot of time and patience, but the result is always worth it. In this article, we will list six of the best stop motion animated movies of all time. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) :

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ was released in 1993 and is a classic that no one should miss. Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, discovers Christmas Town by accident when his ghost dog Zero flies him there on his sled. Jack becomes fascinated with the new holiday and tries to bring it back to Halloween Town, but things don’t go as planned. The film’s animation is fantastic, and it still holds up today even though it was made almost 30 years ago. This movie has a great Christmas vibe blended with classic Halloween vibes to create an incredible holiday look that you will never get sick of seeing! Download it from RARBG to Watch it with your family and friends on an excellent snowy evening.

2.    Corpse Bride (2005):

This stop motion animated film was directed by Tim Burton, who is known for his dark and quirky films that often have an offbeat sense of humor. If you like any of his other films (such as The Nightmare Before Christmas ), you will also like this one. Corpse Bride tells the story of Victor Van Dort, a young man who is about to be wed to his bride Victoria. However, on the night of their wedding, Victor gets cold feet and runs into the woods, where he unwittingly slips into an open grave. A skeleton beneath him springs up and playfully strangles him until he faints. He wakes up believing it was just a bad dream until the corpse of a woman emerges from the grave and drags him underground, where he is to be married.

3.    Coraline (2009):


Coraline is a faithful 3D adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved children’s novel. The movie tells the story of Coraline Jones, an adventurous young girl who moves with her parents to the Pink Palace Apartments in the city. It so happens that this city neighbors another world, which you can access through particular doors found within the apartments. This other world is a mirror of Coraline’s own; only it has much better-looking hand-painted doll versions of her parents. But even though they are better in every way, they are still not quite the real thing. Coraline finds something odd about this place and decides to investigate its mysteries to save the ones she loves.

4.    Frankenweenie (2012):

The story begins with a young boy named Victor, who has a beloved dog named Sparky. Everything is perfect in the life of this happy family until one day when Sparky dies tragically while playing fetch. Victor decides to revenge the trees that killed his dog by burying them and reanimating them through electricity. However, it seems that these trees have a grudge against Sparky and decide to do the same with him. Victor rushes home to save his dog, but it is already too late. Now Victor must defeat the evil trees to bring back his best friend.

5.    Kubo and The Two Strings (2016):

The story takes place in ancient Japan, where Kubo lives with his mother in a small hut on the outskirts of their village. It is a story of a boy named Kubo who quests to find a magical suit of armor worn by his late father. He must first face evil spirits from the past but later against an army led by his powerful grandfather. It takes courage, determination, and the help of some unlikely friends to put a stop to this evil plan. They are poor but happy until one day when Kubo’s evil aunts show up to take him away. His dying mother gets him to safety and tells him that he must stay hidden with her helper, Monkey, until his entire moon ceremony when he turns 16. Kubo must overcome his bad luck and battle the Moon King and his evil forces with help from a couple of legendary warriors to unlock powerful magic armor before it’s too late.

6.    Chicken Run (2000):

Chicken Run

Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy run a chicken farm in Yorkshire, England during the 1950s, where they raise chickens for their eggs. When one of the chickens lays an egg that will hatch into a rooster, Mr. Tweedy has plans for it – cockfighting! Ginger’s main chicken devises a plan with all of the other chickens from Mrs. Tweedy’s farm to escape and fly across the English Channel to freedom in Dover, England, where they can be safe. It is the story of an idyllic farmyard where happy chickens live like any other birds until a group of evil farmers comes along with plans to turn this farm into a chicken pot pie factory. With the help of a sly Italian-American rooster, this group will plan an escape from their impending doom. It’s a story of friendship and freedom. It is one stop motion animated film that will entertain and inspire you.


There’s something about stop-motion movies that brings the audience into the story. There’s something about seeing objects come to a truly magical life, and audiences can expect plenty of that magic when they watch these stop motion animated movies. So if you’re looking for a great film to watch with your children, or want to take yourself on an incredible journey, then any one of these six movies is worth checking out.

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