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7 Hottest Hair Color Trends of Spring 2022

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Spring has sprung! All things are expected to be bright and beautiful after all those long winter months. What better way to honor the season of rebirth, renewal, and flourishing than to try out these 7 hottest hair color trends? I will let you in on a little secret though – these trendy colors are nothing like the winter, which we are so over.  Ladies, tap in!

1. Honey blonde

Honey blonde

A Beyonce favorite, this shade of blonde gets its name from actual honey made by bees since it matches its color – a mix of amber and golden yellow. Honey blonde undertones are red, gold, and brown therefore making it a color suitable for a variety of skin tones. Did I mention how perfectly it goes with light brown eyes? The warm undertones will work in your favor and give you that delightful glow.

Luckily for you, honey blonde is a color that is not limited to one look. According to, one has the option of getting it in light honey blonde, honey-roasted blonde, honey blonde balayage, sandy honey blonde, and honey bronde (best for, you guessed it – brunettes).

Here’s one tip from a celebrity hairstylist about how to maintain this and any other shades of blonde: use purple shampoo. Cynthia Alvares told Buzzfeed that she recommends mixing a quarter cup of purple shampoo plus any regular shampoo when going in for a wash. You’re welcome.

Take a page out of Queen B’s book and get it on with the honey blonde hair color this season.

2. Money piece highlights

Money piece highlights

If you are looking to channel trust fund baby vibes this spring, look no further. Money piece highlights is the go-to hair color for you. It is achieved by taking the front strands of your hair and coloring them a few shades lighter than your hair color. Your colorist will either balayage your strands or bleach them in order to give your chosen color a good base to start with.

What’s fun is that any color can work for these highlights, be it blonde, brown, or even pink! Another added advantage is that money piece highlights are suitable for all hairstyles and hair colors. Talk about inclusivity! They also have the effect of framing your face and accentuating your best features.

Don’t shy away from rocking this hair-do this spring. Nothing (and I mean nothing) is too bougie for you to pull off.

3. Caramel balayage

Caramel balayage

Down for a low-maintenance look this spring? Do you also happen to be a brunette? Well, listen up! Caramel balayage is here to bring that pop of color to lighten up your brown strands because ‘tis the season for color and more color! It is spring anyway, right? This technique involves adding a lighter shade of color to dark or brown hair to give it a sunkissed feel. Not only is this a hair color to lighten up your hair, but it also is quite versatile. As per Lush Hair Folk, this hair color can last up to 4 months when well taken care of. Now, isn’t that quite the deal?

4. Brown color

Brown color

This is for the ladies who want to switch things up and be brunettes for the season. Plants are budding and the ground is thawing. What better way to appreciate the forces of nature and the element of rebirth than rocking some earthy hues on your hair? Brown comes in different shades, not just the light, medium and dark differentiated shades. You can skim through 30 shades of brown for your next hair-do this spring courtesy of

The general rule of thumb with picking the right shade of brown is to match it with your skin undertone. Just to run a quick lesson on what I’m talking about, skin undertones are divided into three categories: cool, neutral, and warm. If gold jewelry looks good on you, you have warm undertones. Silver jewelry looks good on those with cool undertones whereas those blessed enough to pull off both have neutral undertones. Now, back to brown hair wig. L’oreal Paris recommends the following:

  • Warm undertones will work best with the cool shades of chestnut, dark chocolate, mushroom brown, and dark auburn.
  • Cool undertones are best matched with warm shades like amber, golden brown, caramel with highlights, and warm red.
  • Neutral undertones carry the day as they allow for any shade of brown.

Mind your undertones, ladies!

5. Shadow root

Shadow root

Another hair color that ticks the low-maintenance box is the shadow root hair color. As the name suggests, the hair color stems from being dark from the roots and goes forth to become lighter, all the way to the tips. As explains it, the technique of getting this hair color done right is by leaving a bit of an inch of hair from the scalp untouched, and carefully transitioning the layers of hair all the way to the tips with a shade of color that gets lighter and lighter.

The benefit of this hair color is that it grows out well with the hair and one doesn’t need to make regular visits to the salon. A helpful tip to know is that the key to nailing this look is by leaving it to professional hair colorists to handle. A stress-free spring is beckoning and what way to waltz into the season than with this hair color perfectly done?

6. Face-framing


This is more of a technique used by hairstylists to “frame” and “shape” hair in a way that accentuates your facial features and defines your face. Owing to that, it’s mostly an individualistic process since what worked for Jeniffer Aniston (or Rachel Green *wink*) might not necessarily work for you. It takes into consideration the shape of your face.

The benefits of trying out this hair-do would be giving thin hair a bit of volume and shaping curly, unruly hair.

7. Jet black

Jet black

I can explain! We are all about the pop of color but we can let this hair color pass, can’t we? Jet black hair might seem basic, but it embodies elegance, class, and power. An advantage of this hair color is the gloss that comes with it. Since this is the darkest shade of black, it is the glossiest, and we are all about that this spring! It is also worth noting that this color does wonder when paired with full and healthy hair.

Here’s an early heads up – this hair color requires a lot of maintenance because it is usually dependent on one’s base color; it sets the tone for how many visits one might have to pay to one’s hair colorist. Another thing would be that the jet black color makes it obvious when you start experiencing some growth, especially if your natural hair color isn’t black. If you are up to the task to get this simple yet chic hair color for spring, you go girl!

All in all, remember the basics of maintaining your colored hair: use color-sensitive shampoo, wash your hair less often and condition it generously. Have a delightful spring!

Colored wigs don’t damage your hair, and are usually cheaper than professional hair dyeing services. If you are looking for a new colored wig, you can check out from Unice.

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