7 Things Gen Zers Want in a Rental

7 Things Gen Zers Want in a Rental

There’s quite enough stigma about Gen Z floating around on the internet. However, one thing about Gen Z is perfectly clear: they have their own values, and they cherish those values in order to live the life of their dreams. Therefore, the same can be applied to housing properties. Gen Z prefers a non-nonsense attitude, so it makes sense that they have a similar approach to that when looking for a rental. Here are some of the things that they want and need when renting an apartment or a house.

1. High-speed internet

Not only Gen Z cares about high-speed internet access, but they’re the ones that insist on it when renting a new place. Most of the Gen Z are remote workers, so high-speed, uninterrupted internet is crucial for their well-being and productivity. So those who plan to rent without providing internet should consider the option of doing so if they want to attract more Gen Z renters. A high-speed internet connection is objectively a small investment that can make any rental seem more attractive and convenient.

2. Availability of outdoor spaces

Whether it’s a balcony, a patio, or a backyard, outdoor spaces mean the world to Gen Zers. They don’t want to sacrifice the outdoor space in favor of a smart home. A backyard space is a highly sought-after feature among gen Z renters, so every landlord should invest some effort to create it, in order to make their property more enticing to Gen Zers. Fresh air and outdoor entertainment are surely great features that should be included. There are many ways to make that happen, and those who have a backyard can start immediately making it pretty and inviting for potential Gen Z tenants.

3. Guaranteed parking spots

Parking is a huge issue in metropolitan areas. Therefore, if you’re offering a space for rent, be sure to also include a parking spot or two. Single-family homes are popular among Gen Z renters mainly because of the parking spaces that are typically provided. Paying for parking is a huge inconvenience among Gen Zers, especially in the current economy. Planned living communities that offer designated parking spaces will likely attract Gen Z tenants. If there’s space for more than one vehicle, then that’s a win-win regardless of whether one’s renting to a Gen Zer or a baby boomer.

4. Diversity and inclusion

Generation Z cares a lot about inequality and injustice, mainly along racial and ethnic lines. Hence, diversity and inclusion are top priorities for them. Almost 50 percent of Gen Zers live in racially or ethnically diverse neighborhoods, so it makes sense that they also favor similar living conditions.  This is why co living solutions are so attractive to them: they open the door toward bringing racial and cultural gaps while promoting sharing and inclusivity. Generation Z expects and favors exposure to other cultures, which is why diversity plays a huge role for them.

5. Walklability and ease of access

American roads and communities have been designed with cars in mind, so walkability often takes second place. But, when it comes to Gen Z, things are a bit different. Gen Zers care about the environment, which is why they’re more open to walking compared to driving. Even those who live in suburbs prefer the walking distance of restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, and other important amenities. Aside from walking, many Gen Zers prefer to cycle, in order to combat the harmful effect of man-made global warming.

6. Energy-efficient solutions

If there’s one thing that Gen Z cares about, it’s sustainability. They’re more likely to favor renewable energy and other eco-friendly solutions regardless of their main political affiliations. So properties that offer smart solutions such as smart thermostats, LED lighting technology, solar panels, and other energy-efficient appliances will definitely be popular among Gen Z renters. On the other hand, baby boomers and Gen Xers are less likely to prioritize these issues.

7. Open space concept

There is something convenient and also beautiful about the open space concept of living. And Gen Zers love their open space, mainly as it offers them enough freedom and fluidity of movement. A good flow between the rooms together with a spacious floor plan matters to Gen Zers as it perfectly encapsulates their values and priorities. Also, an open space concept is beneficial as it promotes increased light, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and better aesthetics.


Generation Z is considered to be pragmatic, self-reliant, and collaborative. They also value diversity, equality, and justice. Therefore, they also favor living solutions that reflect those values important to them. Aside from that, sustainability, open space, and smart solutions will likely attract gen Z renters, mainly those who are graduating from college or looking for their first serious job. They might be still young, but they’re also tech-savvy and culturally diverse, so these are the things they look for when renting their first apartment or home.

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