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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Digital Art

Did you know that digital artists make an average of more than $65,000 a year in the United States? As digital media and marketing are on the rise, people are looking for artists that can transfer their skills to technology.

If you are interested in learning to draw and make money, there are a few things to consider. Read further to learn about the basics for creating digital art that will impress you, even as a beginner!

Get Your Materials

One of the first steps in creating digital art is to get your materials. Depending on what device you want to draw on, a computer or tablet might be best. Many people recommend using a computer since it has more storage, however, it’s simpler to draw on a tablet since it’s screen-touch. You can even use your smartphone to draw and manage your art! You will also want to get a fine-tip stylus for drawing since the standard ones can make accuracy difficult.

Pick a Software

As a beginner, you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on drawing software. It’s best to use free trials or free drawing platforms when you are starting, especially since there is so much to learn. Once you feel confident with digital art, you should consider getting Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
Most drawing software has the same features, however, you will find your favorite one based on preferences. Don’t be afraid to try several options before deciding on a program.

Create Original Pieces

Now that digital media and art are on the rise, you need to ensure that your pieces or original. Unique drawing styles come from playing around with different tools and learning what you are capable of. Instead of restricting yourself to a specific scene, draw things associated with the scene and piece it all together like a puzzle. Combining different styles and designs can make your artwork stand out. Try to avoid comparing your art to others. Art is a competitive field, however, no one gets successful doing something that’s already been done.

Buy & Sell Smart

Whether you are a digital art collector or creator, you need to go to the right places for purchasing and selling. Finding an appropriate art marketplace can help you connect with an audience that’s interested in your pieces. Although galleries are still a wonderful option in the city, they can make it difficult for beginners to start their careers. The online community supports digital artists from around the globe. Another thing you must consider when purchasing and selling are the prices.

Is Creating Digital Art Right for You?

You don’t have to know how to draw to start creating digital art. Since people find meaning in art through different styles, you should stay original and avoid copying past projects. Digital art is fun to create and there are endless tools to use in your drawing process.

The best part about digital art versus traditional is that all of your supplies are on your tablet. Make sure you read our blog for more information about digital art and following your passions! 5elifestyle


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