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A Grooming And Fashion Guide For Men of Color

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We all know that black men in America are misunderstood by mainstream society. The way in which this can be rectified is for black men to assert this position within our society. However, to be able to do that, they must first understand themselves. Only then will they be able to understand what style truly suits them the best.

The vast majority of black men, simply do not know where to begin with all of this. Where this is true for you, then continue reading our helpful list of grooming and fashion tips that have been specifically tailored with black men in mind.

Work out your color

As Quentin from Dapperly Club states, the color or colors that work best for you are those ones that compliment the color of your skin. In this, you also need to consider the colors that you can see yourself wearing whenever you imagine yourself looking well dressed. Think about what colors make you feel powerful or unstoppable. It is these colors that should make up the great majority of items in your wardrobe.


Forget about worrying about changing your hairstyle in order to create different styles or looks, and instead settle on a hairstyle that only requires the right product or brush to get you looking at your best. In order to get the best results, pick a hairstyle that compliments the overall structure of your face. It is important to get this decision correct given the fact that this is what most people will see when looking at you or engaging with you. When you get your hairstyle right, you will instantly know that it is the one.

Cultures, customs, and traditions

Those men of color that already have a trademark style which gives off confidence clearly understand what the core elements of their style identity is. They understand what their roots are and the way in which they dress and style themselves is a direct expression of that. A good question to ask yourself when developing your own style and identity includes, where do I come from? Upon figuring this out, you will have a much better sense of what your own personal style is.

Black men in America have a wide range of style references to lean on, given how many of them contribute to our modern culture – sports and hip hop being the two most significant of these. Do not be afraid to do some research into these references and create your very own style.


It is easy to look at having a unique type of skin as a disadvantage, but this is never the case. All that black men need are the correct products for their unique skin type in order for the organ to really thrive. It is important to remember when choosing a product that black skin is prone to damage, so look out for something that has protective qualities also. Using generic products will not give you the protection that you require.

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