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A “Special Edition” Release of the New Comic “Junkyard Joe” Will Benefit Veterans

The comic industry has a history of supporting fans and providing many unique philanthropic benefits to the community. Geoff Johns understands these needs and has long supported many causes. For example, he recently announced that his upcoming “Junkyard Joe” series (which has already caused a lot of excitement and interest since its official announcement) will benefit veterans.

What is Junkyard Joe?

“Junkyard Joe” is a new spin-off series that connects to the popular “Geiger” comic published by Johns and others. These comics take place in the Unknown Universe, a world in which the planet was destroyed by a major nuclear war, the Unknown War. “Junkyard Joe” is a robot created during the Vietnam War and immortalized with a comic strip in the Unknown Universe.

Joe will provide a unique place for Johns and his creative team to explore unique concepts of war, togetherness, and family. Johns is well regarded for his ability to create fantastic and exciting stories with deep and meaningful themes. “Junkyard Joe” is likely to explore many of the same ideas in a fascinating environment. The comic world is already excited about it.

Johns has tapped into this excitement to help make a major difference in the life of veterans. His grandfather was a veteran of World War II, so Johns knows all too well how war can affect families. As a result, he has created a unique fundraising opportunity around the debut issue of “Junkyard Joe” that will send money directly to military veterans who need it the most.

How Johns is Helping Others

Johns recently announced that proceeds from a special edition of the first edition of Junkyard Joe will go directly to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Aid. Johns will donate $2 from each issue purchased and send it to each of these firms to support them. Since this debut comic will likely sell thousands of copies or more, that’s a major chance for funding.

This special edition copy of “Junkyard Joe” will be published in black and white to emulate the old-school feel common to comics during his grandfather’s time. The comic will feature the gritty adventures of Junkyard Joe and his team fighting during the Vietnam War. It will also touch on The Unknown War and its impact on the world around Joe and Geiger.

Johns and his creative team emphasis their connection to World War II, as several of their grandparents served in this important historical battle. They state that they are “grateful for the opportunity” to raise awareness of the unique benefits that these groups provide struggling veterans. Each organization has released statements saying they are proud to work with Johns on this unique project.

When Does It Come Out?

The excitement around this release has reached a fever pitch in recent months, especially with this welcome announcement. The first edition of this comic will release on Wednesday, October 5, with both the standard and special editions coming out on the same day.

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