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Producers in Canada experience higher rates of mental illness than practically some other industries. Farmers need admittance to agriculture-specific mental wellness support and have been demonstrated bound to find support from somebody who figures out the uniqueness of our industry (Farm Management Canada).

Therefore we are attempting to raise assets to bring a free, day in and day out, completely coordinated, bilingual, backing, and emergency care line for Canadian Farmers. Until this point in time, no other drive has approached to satisfy said proposals so heartily.

AgTalk will give reliable, available, and agriculture-specific help to farmers. Something beyond an emergency or backing line won’t ever leave a farmer not knowing what else is accessible to them for help toward the finish of their call. Whether that be being associated with a nearby asset from their local area right away, or having an arrangement booked – makers will have solace in knowing precisely the exact thing follow-up is there for them, and when it will work out.

How to help Agtalk

A program has been under work for more than 2 years and through devotion and difficult work, we are eager to keep on pushing this ahead. We are eager to declare that all gifts made through Maple ReLeaf Program will go straightforwardly to AgTalk.

How You Can Get Involved:

Plant your help by giving through Maple ReLeaf and getting your custom maple leaf.

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