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An Overview of Orange Kids Curriculum

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Orange Kids Curriculum offers four age groups with a curriculum based on nine Core Insights linked to the Greatest Commandment. The curriculum focuses on engagement and dynamic learning. In addition, orange offers teacher training events and conferences. The Orange philosophy of Christian education is the hallmark of this program.

Engaging and dynamic learning

When choosing an Orange kids curriculum, you’ll want a program that provides engaging and active learning experiences for your little one. The program is structured in Phases, focusing on age-appropriate lessons and activities.

Moreover, the program’s resources blend timeless truths with developmentally appropriate experiences. In addition, it’s a nonprofit organization, meaning the funds from its products and donations will go to charitable causes.

An Orange kids curriculum promotes the alignment of home and church, and this alignment can be a powerful influence for kids. Thousands of churches have partnered with Orange to help kids learn while practicing faith. The program also addresses the interests and developmental needs of both kids and teens. As a result, the program can influence kids’ lives well into adulthood.

Orange enables you to maximize each phase

Orange Kid’s curriculum is a fun and educational approach to teaching children. It offers applicable lessons and minor modifications for each age group, adapted to the requirements of each stage of childhood. This program is provided in one-year plan cycles and includes a media package and free parenting app. The cost depends on the number of kids and the amount of curriculum you require.

Orange offers age-specific resources that make it easy to connect kids with leaders and mentors. It also emphasizes personal investment, fostering community bonds, and bringing faith into the home. In addition, the Orange strategy highlights the importance of small groups and partnerships with parents. The curriculum is divided into two levels based on age and stages of development.

Orange Kids’ curriculum emphasizes wonder, discovery, passion, and faith to teach young people about God and His word. It aims to help young people learn to see themselves in God’s eyes and deepen their relationship with God. The curriculum is available both online and offline.

More than just a weekly church curriculum

Orange Kids has created a curriculum that integrates the home and church to make a lasting impact on kids. The two work together to foster deep roots in faith, and when they combine their influence, the results are far more effective than when they act separately. With different programs aimed at toddlers, preschoolers, and young children, Orange Kids has something for everyone.

Orange Kids’ bestselling curriculum, Grow, focuses on building a strategic plan for churches. This curriculum offers differentiation for different age groups and includes all church members. It also supports practicing faith from generation to generation. The attitude of church members impacts the way kids learn and practice religion.

Orange Kids has been a leader in the Children’s Ministry space for many years. The company provides a curriculum for preschool through high school and resources to help churches connect with parents and volunteers. However, this curriculum is only for some and is costly.

Conferences and training events

Orange Kids Curriculum is a ministry that gives families the tools afnd resources to use each phase of their child’s development. Their age-appropriate resources incorporate timeless truths with developmentally appropriate experiences. The ministry is a nonprofit that is supported by donations and product purchases. It also offers conferences and training events to share best practices.

Thousands of churches worldwide use Orange Kids Curriculum to help their children grow in Christ. The company provides curriculum and resources designed to help parents and church leaders reach children from birth to adolescence. Each program is age-appropriate and rooted in God’s word. In addition, the Orange team is dedicated to providing a supportive, caring community for families and ministry leaders.

Orange Kids Curriculum is a web-based, customizable curriculum for children from birth through high school. Besides curriculum, Orange also offers a parenting app and digital resources for preschools and churches. The organization is also known for its popular family ministry conference.

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