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Ask a Medical Malpractice Lawyer 7 Surprising Things That Could Be Considered Medical Malpractice

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1. A Failure to Diagnose

Your doctor’s job is to treat any illnesses or injuries that you might have. The first step to doing this, of course, is to diagnose you in the first place. If your doctor does not diagnose you, then you won’t get the treatment you need.
Unfortunately, a failure to diagnose can result in your condition worsening, sometimes even irreparably. If your doctor did not diagnose you while another medical professional of similar training and experience would have been able to, this counts as medical malpractice

2. A Misdiagnosis

While things like surgical errors tend to gain the most infamy, misdiagnoses are one of the most common instances of medical malpractice. For the treatment you receive to be effective, you must be diagnosed with the right condition. If you are not, then you will likely be given the wrong treatment.
Like any type of medical malpractice, another competent doctor with the same experience and training should be able to diagnose the condition. Understand, however, that if your condition is presenting itself in unusual ways and this is what caused the misdiagnosis, that would not count as medical malpractice

3. Surgical Errors

These are probably the most famous examples of medical malpractice. You may have heard horror stories of the mistakes that surgeons have made in the operating room. While all surgeries carry an inherent risk, a surgical error goes beyond the normal risk of surgery.
Several things could happen. Something could have been improperly communicated, which might result in the wrong body part being operated on. Fatigue is another common reason why mistakes happen. Surgeons tend to work long shifts, and if they don’t get the rest they need, they could make some major mistakes in the operating room

4. Anesthesia Errors

When you go for surgery, you might be put under an anesthetic. This is to put you to sleep for the operation. The anesthetic needs to be applied properly. Failure to do this could result in major damages to you.
There’s a reason why there are trained anesthesiologists who will administer the anesthetic. Your anesthesiologist should also take a look at your medical history and ask you specific questions before the surgery. If this does not happen and the anesthetic is not applied correctly, this counts as medical malpractice

5. Childbirth Injuries

Giving birth and bringing a new life into the world is both exciting and scary. However, if something goes wrong when you give birth due to a mistake or negligence on the part of your doctor, this can be an incredibly traumatic experience for you and your baby.
Several things might go wrong during childbirth. If your doctor used forceps incorrectly, your baby was deprived of oxygen, or there was a surgical error if you had to have a c-section, all of this counts as medical malpractice. If you believe you and your baby experienced a childbirth injury, get in touch with the top Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer.

6. Medication Errors

If your condition requires that you take medication, it’s your doctor’s job to prescribe you the right kind. Unfortunately, medication errors are another very common type of medical malpractice, and a mistake like this could have lasting effects.
If your doctor chose the wrong medication or dosage for you, the medication was dispensed incorrectly, the medication was not manufactured properly, or the written prescription itself is illegible or has an error, all of this is medical malpractice. Your lawyer can represent you in court and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve

7. Hospital Infections

A hospital should be a safe place for people who are sick. However, because there are many sick people in hospitals as well as people from the general public visiting, there tend to be a lot of pathogens floating around.
These pathogens could make you sick and result in hospital infection. For your condition to count as a hospital infection, it must have occurred within a specific timeframe and you must have been admitted to the hospital for reasons other than the infection. Speak to your lawyer if you have experienced a hospital infection.
We trust our medical professionals to offer us safe and effective treatment for our ailments. When our doctors fail to do this, it can be incredibly traumatic to deal with. You should be fairly compensated for what you’ve experienced. Your lawyer will offer you the legal representation you need to get your settlement.

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