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Best business ideas influence from Indian culture

India has a rich culture which is also one of the oldest. Thanks to your culture and heritage we have several forms of art and traditions in our country which are often overlooked. As entrepreneurs you can make the most of this by creating businesses around the things derived from our culture as this will not only introduce our traditions to the world but also give you unique opportunities to earn profits. So let’s look at some such business ideas:

Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource that can be used to make beautiful and useful crafts. You can make furniture, baskets, and even musical instruments from bamboo. It is light, strong and flexible and can be easily worked on to create beautiful products. From toys to furniture, bamboo has endless possibilities for being made into beautiful products.

  • Baluchari Saree

This traditional hand embroidery is done on sarees made of fine cotton or silk fabric. The process involves intricate designs that are stitched onto the fabric by women artisans in India.

Baluchari saree manufacturers using a traditional style of weaving that was introduced by the Baloch community in India over 400 years ago. It involves intricate patterns of weaving gold or silver thread on silk sarees so that they look like embroidery work. The saree is then enhanced with zari borders and an open weave design at the bottom known as “chunri”.

  • Bone & Horn Crafts

India has a long history of making bone and horn crafts because of its abundance in rural areas where most people live on farming or cattle rearing. These items are made out of animal bones and horns like cows, buffaloes etc., which are dried under the sun before they are given their final shape and polish by skilled craftsmen who have mastered this art over time through practice and experience only.

  • Crochet

You can also sell crocheted items like bags, purses, shawls etc., which are popular among women in India. Women especially love to wear these handmade bags as they are unique and stylish. Crochet is one of the most popular cultural products in India. It is a form of textile work that involves the use of a hook to create a fabric from yarn, thread or other materials. The word crochet comes from the French word Croche, meaning hook. Crochet can be used to produce a wide range of fabrics, including lace, doilies and afghans.

  • Dhokra

Dhokra art is one of the most popular traditional crafts of India and is practiced by many communities across the country. Dhokra artisans use locally available materials like terracotta clay to make beautiful sculptures of Gods and Goddesses along with other decorative items such as lamps. The best part about selling these items is that they require little investment but fetch good profit margins too!

  • Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is one of the oldest folk art forms from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in eastern India that uses natural dyes on white cotton canvases. The paintings depict scenes from daily life, festivals, and mythology with bright colours and geometric shapes in their design.

  • Embroidery Garments

You can sell handcrafted embroidered garments from Rajasthan. These garments are usually made of cotton or silk fabric which is embroidered with colourful beads and sequins. They are worn as traditional dress during weddings, festivals, and other occasions in India. If you want to start a handicraft business around something that is deeply rooted in our culture then this business is right for you.

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