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Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit: What Is It and How Can You Apply?

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This caregiving benefit is a temporary welfare scheme created to reduce the financial pressure on people who act as caregivers for children, older adults, and other eligible family members.

For instance, this benefit is open to you if you’re finding it difficult to work and take care of your older loved ones, who are at home for COVID-19 related reasons or other health complications.

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With their help, you won’t have to take a break from your job because you have an older adult in your family who requires special care.

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Let’s dive into the details of the Canada recovery benefit and how you can apply.

What is the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit?

The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) is a reward scheme created by the Canadian government to provide financial assistance to caregivers of children, older ones, and other relatives.

This temporary program was designed for individuals who have to skip work for at least half of their weekly working hours to care for their loved ones. However, one can only qualify for this scheme if their loved ones are pegged home due to COVID-19-related reasons.

For instance, you may be eligible for the CRCB if you spend at least half of your work week at home, looking after your older one whose caregiver is unavailable due to a COVID-19 infection.

Likewise, if your loved one is showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection and you need to stay back to care for them, the Canada recovery benefit would be available to you.

The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit is worth $500. However, after a 10% tax is deducted, the figure is raised to $450 per week. A family can apply for CRCB for a maximum of 44 different workweeks.

Furthermore, the processing period for the CRCB payments usually takes 3-5 business days if you are using direct deposit. Meanwhile, if the payment is by mail, the process is expected to take 10-12 business days.

This program is set to end on the 7th of May, 2022.

Criteria for CRCB Application: Can I Apply for the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit?

Do you have to care for loved ones at home, instead of working for an entire week due to COVID-19? If yes, you may want to try the Canada caregiver benefit. However, check to see if you meet all the ten application criteria below before applying.

The following are the criteria for applying for CRCB.

  • You reside in Canada and were in the country during the reviewed week.
  • Ensure that you have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). This is to confirm the legitimacy of your residence in Canada.
  • You must be 15 years old or above on the first day of the application week.
  • You must be employed or self-employed on the day before the application period starts.
  • You are only eligible if you cannot work a minimum of 50% of your usual work time during the week. It is worth mentioning that your eligibility only stands on the grounds that you missed a work-week because you had to care for a loved one – your older one in this case.
  • Your older loved one must be home due to COVID-19 related issues. For instance, your folks may be home alone because their caregiver is unavailable due to a COVID-19 infection. Another example is if your older one is home because they are infected with the disease or explicitly advised by a medical practitioner to self-isolate.
  • You must not be on paid leave during the reported period.
  • You are ineligible if another individual in your home is receiving the CRCB for the same work-week, and it doesn’t matter if you are caring for a different family member.
  • You can’t apply for the CRCB and other COVID-19 benefits in the same week. Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit and Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit are other COVID-19-related privileges affecting your CRCB registration.
  • You must not be in self-isolation or quarantine after international travel.

It is worth noting that you will be asked to testify that you are eligible for this financial benefit. However, unless the Canada Revenue Agency asks explicitly, there is usually no need to prove your eligibility.

Guidelines & Methods for CRCB Application; How to Apply for the Canadian Recovery Caregiving Benefit

After learning about the Canada recovery benefit eligibility criteria, you should now be able to ascertain your qualification for the scheme.

If you are qualified for the program, you can go on to apply, starting from the Monday that follows the missed work-week.

We’ll be discussing two ways of putting in an application for the Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit.

Methods to Apply for the Canadian Recovery Caregiving Benefit

1.    Apply Online

If you have an account with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you can register online on CRA’s website. Although it is claimed that this method is faster, there is no actual data to back up the claim.

That said, if you want to expedite the process, you should consider setting up a direct deposit with the CRA. The benefit payment should be completed within a shorter period by doing this.

2.    Apply by Phone Call

You can also register for the Canada recovery benefit by placing a call through to the office of the Canada Revenue Agency. Before you call the CRA, ensure that you have all the information that you need to hasten the whole process.

Just as in online registration, registering a direct deposit also helps to quicken the payment process.

Note that it is recommended that you submit your tax return in the previous year(s). If you are applying for the CRCB for the first time, failure to file your tax return may delay the verification process, hence, the late payment of the funds.

Final Words

Before registering for this caregivers’ reward, we advise you to weigh your other options critically. For instance, taking a paid sick leave may be more valuable than applying for the CRCB.

That said, it is worth mentioning that the Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit is a fantastic scheme by the Canadian government.

If you have to take time off work to care for your older one due to COVID-19-related issues and want to take advantage of the CRCB, the information in this article should be of great assistance to you.

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