Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Chart-topping rapper Lil Tjay in surgery after New Jersey shooting

Rapper Lil Tjay, nominated for two Grammy Awards, underwent emergency surgery on June 22 after a shooting in northeastern New Jersey. TMZ reports that he is out of surgery as of 1 p.m. EST and getting better, though he’s still not out of the woods. Lil Tjay’s shooting is part of a serious spike in violence that has affected rappers across the country in recent years — who were close friends and associates of Tjay’s. After Pop’s 2020 massacre, Tjay released a tribute referred to as “Pop Forever” and expressed outrage on social media. examines how the Bergen County prosecutor’s office launched an announcement that two children, ages 12-22 months, were shot at a large shopping center near the Hudson River. The office later released a social media statement saying the photos “did not appear to be a random act,” though it did not specify whether the New Jersey shooting was at chart-topping rapper Lil Tjay in surgery after new jersey shooting.

After launching from Jail in 2017, Tjay began to gain significant exposure and achieved mainstream success in 2018 with a pair of Leap Forward singles: “Brothers” and “Leaked”. The diminutive rapper has a completely unique gift for melody and can write infectious choruses, which combined with his delicate, refined voice earned him the nickname “Bronx Justin Bieber” early in his career.

Given that, Tjay has been ubiquitous in hip-hop, dominating the charts with collaborations like “Calling My Telephone” with 6LACK and “Pop Out” with Polo G. Apart from this he has also launched pinnacle 10 albums, which are currently 2021’s Destined 2 Jeet. . In April, Tjay posted a message to his fans on social media, promising the release of an EP titled Strictly4MyFans and saying that he might speed up his release this summer.

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