Dean Martin Spouse

Dean Martin Spouse, Early Life, and Children

Singer and actor Dean Martin Spouse worked in a few films with Jerry Lewis and had a spot with the “Rodent Pack” that included Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Dean Martin Spouse broke into the club circuit and signed with MCA to sing in New York City. There he met Jerry Lewis and they started a long-running parody organization on radio, TV, and film. The group broke up in 1956, and Martin joined the Rat Pack—plus Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford—in Las Vegas stage shows and on film.

Early life

Singer and actor Dean Martin Spouse conceived Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917, in Steubenville, Ohio. Martin was the younger of two children, the more established being Bill Crocetti, brought into the world by Italian expatriates. He attended Grant Elementary School in Steubenville, Ohio and began playing drums as a recreational activity as a teenager.

After dropping out of Steubenville High School in the 10th grade, Martin maintained odd sources of income, including a seasonal stint as an early welterweight fighter under the name “Kid Crochet.” Martin also engaged in criminal activity, including drinking alcohol across state lines without a permit, selling lottery tickets, posing as a bookie, and working as a card hand and croupier at nearby betting joints. .

Dean Martin Spouse and Children

Martin was married three times, the first on October 2, 1941. The name of Dean Martin spouse is Elizabeth Ann McDonald. The couple had four children: Stephen, Claudia, Barbara, and Diana. He married his future wife, Jean Beger, on September 1, 1949, and together they had three children: Dino Paul Jr., Ricky James, and Gina Caroline. In 1973, Martin married his third wife, Catherine May Hahn, and had a daughter, Sasha. His alliance with Han ended in 1976.


Martin began his entertainment business career at the age of 17, singing at an Ohio dance club near his old neighborhood. During a spell with Ernie Mack’s band, he was noticed by Cleveland bandleader Sammy Watkins, who hired him as the band’s lead singer. He began going by Watkins in 1938 and changed his name to Dean Martin Spouse in 1940.

In September 1943, Martin signed an exclusive contract with MCA to perform at the Riobamba Room in New York, and in 1944, he was given his own 15-minute radio program entitled Songs by Dean Martin Spouse, from New York City. It was discussed. In 1946, he signed a contract and recorded four tunes with Diamond Records.

 Inheritance and death

Martin suffered a tragic misfortune when his son, Dino Jr., died in a plane crash in 1987 during a tactical training exercise. He retired from the stage after a 1988–89 solo tour of the show with Rat Packers Davis Jr. Additionally, Sinatra dropped out after Martin became ill and was replaced by Liza Minnelli by the end of the tour.

Martin died on Christmas morning in 1995, aged 78, of acute respiratory failure in Beverly Hills, California. Today, Martin is regarded as a legendary screen and stage performer and is most popular for his comedy ensemble with Lewis, as well as for supporting the iconic Rat Pack.

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