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Dental Anxiety: 8 Tips for Overcoming Your Phobia of Going to the Dentist

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Your oral health is a huge part of your overall well-being. Part of the routines that you need to follow is visiting dental health professionals. However, the fear of sitting in a dental chair and getting checked is prevalent. This common fear is the result of different emotions related to worries over the procedures you will go through and some bad experiences you may have had when you were younger. This is the reason why even if you are probably just a few steps away from a Sarnia dentist’s office, you just can’t find the strength to walk up the door and get checked.

Given the importance of oral care to the overall health of the body, overcoming this fear of the dentist should be prioritized. It is not easy for everyone but here are some ways to deal with dental anxiety:

1. Look for a good dentist in your area

To find the best dentist in Oshawa, you will need the recommendations of your friends and family members. You specifically should talk to those who also had fears and have overcome them. You can also focus your search on practices that know how to deal with patients with dental anxiety.

2. Be honest about having fears

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Most dental professionals want to know about their patients’ attitudes toward dental checkups. It helps to be honest about discussing your fears with them. Mention that you have anxiety and ask if you can drop by before your appointment just to talk to them. This can help both you and the dentist to address your needs without you feeling afraid of the procedures.

3. Get accustomed to the tools

During dental visits, you will be faced with a tray of unfamiliar-looking and sharp metal tools. Some of those who are anxious about meeting a dentist are afraid of the implements they will meet. It may help to have a “meet-and-greet” with your doctor and the tools so you will know what they do. This way, they become less scary and intimidating.

4. Be in control

Your dentist will explain what will happen if you need to undergo any procedure. Even during oral prophylaxis or dental cleaning, you will be told about what to expect, the initial discomfort, and other things that you may experience.

5. Take breaks

A good dentist will let you have time for breaks to ease into the process. You should feel free to ask for a break at any time to compose yourself.

6. Bring a trusted person with you

You could undergo a simple routine check or undergo a more complicated procedure like a root canal in a Brampton clinic, but if you are anxious, these would feel just as scary. Bringing someone with you can help calm your nerves. This person should also be someone who isn’t afraid of dentists so they can sit with you through the procedure.

7. Distract yourself

There are times when the sounds of drills and suction tubes can be unnerving. Wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones if they can help distract you from frightening sounds. Dental offices also have screens where TV programs and movies are shown to help patients focus on other things. Ask your doctor if there is anything that can be used to help entertain you while you are being treated.

8. Remember that no matter how slow, you are progressing

It is easy to be disheartened when you compare your attitude towards getting oral health treatments with that of others but remember that you are not them. Your anxiety may be a concern but the fact that you showed up is progress that should be celebrated.

Dental anxiety is an experience that can hinder people from getting the best treatment and service. The good news is, there are simple ways to inch their way into becoming comfortable with the process so that they can take better care of their oral health.

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