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Do Sterling Silver Earrings Hurt Your Ears?

Everyone wants to feel comfortable when showing off beautiful earrings. Unfortunately, the wrong pair of earrings can lead to redness, irritation, and pain. Knowing how to source quality, genuine earrings is so important for people with sensitive ears. The truth is that some brands “hide” extras in earrings that are advertised as genuine silver. Take a look at what every jewelry lover needs to know about the truth behind why sterling silver sometimes irritates ears.

Why Do Sterling Silver Earrings Irritate My Ears

There are several reasons why silver might sting. The good news is that an aversion to sterling silver may not actually be to blame. Take a look at the three most common reasons why silver irritates ears.

1. Earrings Are Too Heavy

It’s possible that the heaviness of earrings is creating pain. Heavy earrings can tug at the earlobe. This often results in redness and itching that can mimic an allergic reaction. Decide if it’s time to shop for lightweight earrings. Many people find that fine silver creates a beautiful statement without the need for heavy designs.

2. You’ve Unknowingly Purchased Alloy Earrings

It’s possible that a jewelry retailer mixed silver with other metals to prevent the tarnishing that is common with true silver. Nickel is the most common culprit. In fact, nearly 20% of people have nickel allergies. Nickel allergies will grow progressively worse as your skin spends more time in contact with nickel.

3. Earrings Posts Are Plated With Something Other Than Silver

Some jewelry makers will actually use cheaper metals for posts to save money when making earrings. Generally, an allergic reaction won’t occur if earring posts are made from truly hypoallergenic metals like niobium, platinum, fine silver, or titanium. However, posts made of a cheap metal like nickel can irritate the ears even if the earring design is made from true sterling silver. It’s also important to remember that every material on the list other than silver is considered breakable.

What to Do If Your Ears Hurt After Wearing Earrings

Stop wearing earrings immediately if they are causing pain or discomfort. Your skin won’t simply “adapt” to offensive metals like nickel. The allergic reaction will continue to escalate until your ears are potentially oozing liquid, bleeding, or crusting over. Consider bringing earrings to a jeweler to confirm the presence of nickel. Ultimately, it may be time to simply upgrade to genuine 925 silver earrings that won’t create allergic reactions caused by the presence of inferior alloy metals. Many jewelry lovers eventually make the switch from low-quality fashion earrings to quality, hypoallergenic 925 silver earrings from Silpada to enjoy lifetime pieces!

Don’t Ignore Painful and Visible Allergic Reactions to Jewelry

It’s not possible to “break in” earrings that are causing pain and irritation. Pain, irritation, and redness are all signs that you’re allergic to a material in earrings. Upgrading to genuine 925 silver is the best way to avoid the dangers of fashion jewelry.

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