Dr. Fadi el Hachem born

When was Dr. Fadi el Hachem born?

Fadi el Hachem is a famous Palestinian-American dentist and the husband of Nancy Ajram, who served as a judge on Arab Idol. During a break north of Beirut, he shot a Syrian, Mohammed Hassan al-Moussa, 16 times. Although he only acted in self-defense, he is now accused of murdering the Syrian. The recording shows a hooded elm on the grounds of the property and a hooded gatecrasher crawling into the house.


His parents got married in 2008 after meeting in 2005. He has two daughters and two sons. His father is a renowned neurologist and doctor. He has been practicing medicine for over a decade. Her parents have also contributed too many humanitarian efforts, and she has given her expertise and time to numerous organizations. His wife is very fond of gardening.

When was Dr. Fadi el Hachem born?

In Lebanon Dr. Fadi el Hachem born on April 23, 2011. His birth name in Arabic is “not” or “b100”. Dr. Fadi Al-Hacham’s exact age is unclear, but he is currently in his mid-40s. He also goes by the name “ryd shhr@”.

Dr. Fadi el Hachem is a well-known and controversial Palestinian. Dr. Fadi el Hachem is well-known and content. A Syrian man has been accused of being killed during a break-in near Beirut. He faces charges of murder as well as murder in self-defense. Al-Moussa can be seen walking around the property while a masked intruder walks around the house, as seen in the video.

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