how a poker face girl really feels

How a poker face girl really feels?

The poker face is well-known in popular culture because it is frequently associated with calmness, emotional control, and composure. However, the real feelings of how a poker face girl really feels are frequently much more nuanced and complex.

The myth of the poker face

Most of the time, the poker face is portrayed as a mask that conceals a person’s true feelings and enables them to maintain a neutral or incomprehensible expression in any situation. This idea is based on the idea that emotions are a weakness and that controlling and suppressing those shows strength.

But this is a myth. Emotions are, in fact, a necessary and natural part of the human experience, and it is difficult and unhealthy to suppress them. Emotions are not a weakness; rather, they are a source of information and drive that assist us in navigating the world and establishing relationships with other people.

The reality of expressing one’s emotions

Emotions are an essential part of who we are, despite the common belief that we should keep a poker face. Even when we try to conceal them, they constantly communicate and express themselves. Across cultures and languages, research has demonstrated that facial expressions are a universal language that conveys emotions.

Even when we attempt to suppress our feelings, subtleties in body language, voice inflection, and eye contact still reveal them. Because the eyes are able to reveal even the tiniest shifts in emotion, it is often referred to as the “window to the soul.”

The challenges of maintaining a poker face

There are a number of reasons why maintaining a poker face can be challenging. First of all, it requires a great deal of emotional control and discipline, both of which can be difficult to maintain in stressful or intense situations. Emotional cues and signals can only be suppressed with a high level of awareness and mindfulness.

Additionally, maintaining a poker face can be emotionally draining because it requires constant attention and effort to suppress and conceal feelings. It can cause feelings of disconnection and isolation, as well as problems with one’s physical and mental health like stress, anxiety, and depression.

The advantages of a poker face

In spite of the challenging associated with maintaining a poker face, there are some advantages. In high-stakes or high-pressure situations like negotiations or competitions, for example, a poker face can provide a sense of control and composure. It can also stop others from using your emotions against you, like spotting and taking advantage of signs of weakness or fear.

When dealing with difficult people or maintaining a professional demeanor, having a poker face can also be helpful in certain social situations. Preventing others from reading your emotions and interfering with your personal space, can also assist you in maintaining your privacy and personal boundaries.

How to keep a smile on your face:

Use a poker face as a tool, not a mask, and don’t be afraid to show your emotions when appropriate.
In conclusion, the poker face is a myth, and the reality of how a poker-face girl really feels is complex and nuanced. Be aware of your emotions and the cues and signals they produce. Don’t suppress your feelings; instead, redirect and manage them in a healthy way. Take care of your physical and mental health to avoid exhaustion and burnout. Suppressing emotions is difficult and unhealthy because they are an essential and natural part of the human experience. Even though it can be challenging and emotionally draining to keep a poker face, there are times when it can be beneficial. In general, it is crucial to keep in mind that feelings are not a source of weakness but rather a source of strength and connection.

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