How to Boost Your Custom Shirt Sales

How to Boost Your Custom Shirt Sales

Whether you’ve been selling custom shirts and apparel for years or you’re just starting out, the way to get more sales is to sell more to your current customers (which is ideal) or to keep getting your name out to new ones. This means making sure you know your customers, that your brand is authentic, and that your message is effective.

But before you look for ways to boost sales, take a look to make sure there aren’t ways to increase your current profits by cutting out unnecessary spending. For example, if you’re offered discounts for paying your invoices early, take advantage of those savings, and confirm that you’re partnered with the best place to order bulk custom shirts. If you’re spending more than you need to and your sales increase, you exacerbate the issue by losing more money.

Once you’ve confirmed that your operations are as financially efficient as possible, follow these tried-and-true rules for optimizing your sales.

Know Your Customer

This might sound strange considering that you’re already in business and making sales to customers, but how much have you fleshed out who your customer is, beyond just a demographic? Do you know what their tastes are musically, what type of profession they’re in, what their hobbies are, which social channels they are on and when?

If you already know what a buyer persona is, then you know how valuable it can be to understand the best time and place to reach your actual customers with your marketing message. They’re also a huge help when it comes to drafting that message. If you’ve ever met with your customers, this persona could be based on a “typical” customer, or it could be an amalgam of two or three rolled into one.

Knowing how to reach the right customer at the right time with the right message is the key to marketing and sales.

Branding Your Business

If you’re looking to improve your sales and you know your customers well, the next area to consider is your branding. Before spending time and money on advertising, make sure that the way your business is currently branded reflects you and your products, and that the message is one your ideal client will respond to. But above all else, your brand must be authentic to who you are.

Focus on the Customers You Already Have

It’s always cheaper and more profitable to sell to returning customers than it is to sell to new ones. Customer service is vital for holding on to your current customers and getting them to buy more.

Go above and beyond to show customers you appreciate their business. Consider a customer loyalty program to reward your customers and encourage them to buy more.

Get your customers to sign-up for a VIP mailing list so you can let them know about new products and collections. Giving a discount for registrations or other free stuff can help increase your sign-ups.

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