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How to Buy Jewelry for Women: A Beginner’s Guide

You don’t have to be planning a marriage proposal to feel nervous about buying a jewelry gift for the woman in your life. Choosing a gift that will wow your partner and shows how much you care requires a delicate balance of understanding their tastes, the occasion, and of course, your budget.
To help you buy the perfect piece, we have put together this beginner’s guide to buying jewelry for women.

First, What’s the Occasion?

Before you start jewelry shopping, think about the occasion. Are you buying a gift for a significant birthday? Do you intend to propose? The occasion will shape the type, price, and style of jewelry you pick. And be mindful that the woman in your life will expect something dazzling for a momentous occasion.
In contrast, smaller, more understated jewelry gifts make a wonderful surprise when you aren’t celebrating a big occasion and want to show the woman in your life how much you care.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Type

Unless you intend on buying full jewelry sets for women, you’ll need to narrow your choice down. Here are the different types of jewelry to consider:


A ring isn’t necessarily a symbol of an imminent marriage proposal, but a diamond ring might come with that expectation! If you are already married, you can buy a beautiful eternity ring for the woman in your life.


Puravida Bracelets offer lots of different styles and suit all ranges of budgets. Many women often choose bracelets to match their fashion style, so make sure you know her tastes before buying something extravagant.

Friendship Necklace

A Friendship necklace makes a stunning and impressive gift. Think about whether the necklace is an expensive accessory to a formal outfit or something your partner will wear every day.


Not all women wear earrings or have pierced ears, so you’ll want to check before opting for this type of jewelry.
You may also find that women with long hair don’t like big earrings that catch in their hairstyle. If you are unsure, opt for something in the same style she usually wears.

Finding the Perfect Style

With so many styles of real jewelry for women to choose from, which is suitable for your partner? Here is a quick breakdown of some of the main types.

Expensive Gems

If you are buying a gift for a marriage proposal, choose a diamond unless your partner has other preferences. Any expensive gem, including sapphire and emerald, will make an impressive jewelry gift to mark a special event. Pearls are highly-valued gemstones that would also make an amazing gift to a loved one. You can find a wide collection of jewelry with pearls at

Precious Metals

Choose a high-quality metal for your jewelry, as these metals are easy to wear on delicate skin. Gold, white gold, silver, and platinum are popular metals for women’s jewelry.

Chunky or Delicate

Some jewelry makes a statement. Other jewelry is a subtle addition to an outfit. Does your partner like to use color and size to make their outfits more striking? Or does she prefer small delicate chains and bands in her jewelry? Click here for some fantastic examples of intricate, detailed design styles.

Costume / High Fashion

Be mindful about buying high fashion or costume jewelry style as a gift. While your partner might wear some of that jewelry regularly, they might not value it as a gift.
Women prefer timeless styles as jewelry gifts as they will still want to wear them years from now.

The Best Jewelry for Women

A beautiful piece of jewelry makes the perfect gift for the woman you love. Use our beginner’s guide on jewelry for women to help you choose the right design.

For more gift buying tips, head to our fashion section now for plenty of inspiration.

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