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How To Make Your Wedding Morning Calm and Relaxed

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Each bride has a different dream for her big day, but none of them include stress or frustration. We’ve talked to brides and have compared their experiences to come up with this blueprint for the perfect wedding day.

Follow these 10 tips for the wedding day bride to ensure a flawless experience.

1. Bride Box

Signing up for a wedding subscription box is a fun way to celebrate as you plan your wedding. Opening up the bride box on the morning of your wedding is a great way to start the day. If you opted for a retailer like misstomrs, opening the “Wedding Day Essentials” themed box will instantly set a cheerful mood.

On one hand, you’ll be confronted with items that help you get through the day, which is a relief. On the other, this final box before you are officially married will remind you of the journey you took to get here. The miss to Mrs bridal box also comes with honeymoon-themed options. Make sure that you check important details like these before you place your order.

A wedding day bride is always overwhelmed with emotions upon waking up. It’s important to find a fun, short activity like this to set the tone for the rest of the day.

wedding day bride

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Toronto Wedding Photographer Liza Litvinovich

2. Sleep, But Don’t Sleep In

A good night’s sleep is critical to how your day will go. Hit your bed early and plan for an early morning. The more hours in the day you have to accomplish your goals means that things won’t be rushed and you will be less stressed.

3. Lay out your ensemble

The next thing you should do on your wedding morning is lay out your clothes and accessories for the day. This will accomplish two things. First, you will have a final chance to confirm that you haven’t forgotten anything and enough time to tend to any cleaning needed. Beyond that it makes things real. You will be able to create a clear vision for the day.

4. Do Nothing

This seems wrong because you have so much to do, but it’s needed. This is one of those tips for brides that often gets overlooked, but you need to take some time for yourself. Turn off your phone, ignore the distractions, and just be with yourself for a moment. Let go of the world around you and find mindfulness.

5. Eat and Hydrate

Wedding day preparations need to include a thoughtful breakfast and plenty of water. It’s natural to want to skip breakfast. Some brides are too nervous to eat and others don’t want to risk bloating. Eating actually helps to calm your nerves and gives you the energy you need to get through the day.

6. Hit the off switch

There’s nothing left to stress about. You’ve met with your vendors, venue, wedding planner, and a million other people. They got this. The sooner you realize the sooner you can relinquish control so that you can focus

7. Indulge

Prepare your mind and body before you start the process of getting dressed and ready for the day. Soak in the tub, break out the oils, and have a camera-appropriate “getting ready” outfit waiting for you.

8. Stick to your schedule

You are well prepared. Following a wedding preparation timeline means that you have made all of the preparations and won’t have to deal with surprises. This means that you can take care of your hair, makeup, accessories and gown without having to rush. You’ll be able to get everything done with time to spare.

9. Create A Vibe

No list of tips for bridal preparation can be complete without mentioning setting a mood. Stimulate as many senses as you can with an energetic playlist of your favorite songs, lit candles, incense, or maybe even a humidifier.

Getting ready for your wedding is a visceral experience. Create stronger memories by giving each sense something to appreciate.

10. Celebrate

Toast a glass of champagne with your wedding team. Ask them for their wedding day advice, laugh, and enjoy the moment. They’ve been with you for the whole ride and they’ll be there you throughout the day. You will be celebrating the fact that you are about to say “I Do” but don’t forget to celebrate each other.

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