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How To Move Offices With Minimal Downtime

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You may have learned from previous experience, whether it was good or bad, that moving an office isn’t just about sticking to budgets and schedules. You also must ensure that your employees spend as little time as possible doing nothing since every hour they can’t work costs you money.

You can put steps and plans in place well before moving day that will cut down on or even eliminate the downtime your employees will have during and right after your office move.

Explore our guide on how to move offices to minimize downtime.

Plan Ahead of Time

If you can, try to move your office when many of your employees are on vacation or away for training. In the second case, giving employees incentives to reserve that time instead of another time that might be more convenient can also help.

The downside to this plan is that you will have a smaller, or “skeleton,” staff. You’ll want to ensure that this doesn’t cause productivity or customer service problems.

Stage Your Office Move

Moving to a new office in stages may be easier or even more necessary since this will allow your employees to keep working (though probably in a temporary workstation or work area).

Organize and Label Stuffs

Labels are a vital aspect of any move’s communication plan. Labels help you organize your new office. If you do it right, your employees will have the same kind of work experience at your new headquarters.

Label all desks, servers, IT equipment, and office supplies so you can transfer them quickly.

Let Movers Handle It

When you hire professionals, you won’t have to think about how to plan a move for your office. Moving has its own industry for a reason.

A commercial mover has the knowledge on how to handle complicated projects, all the moving tools and equipment you need, and every job needed to be done by experts.

An IT department perfectly illustrates why you should hire a professional moving company. If you don’t know how to move electronic and IT equipment, your business could be out of commission for days or weeks. If you hire a professional mover, none of your IT equipment will get damaged.

This will also ensure that everything gets delivered and set up on time before you finish moving. If you need a professional, you can check and avoid transition stress.

Use Tools That Let You Work From Home

You might want to give your team tools for working from home so they can connect and work together when needed. Just remember that there are many tools and methods to choose from, each with a period of adjustment.

Make sure your employees have enough time to learn how to use the gadgets you choose so they can keep functioning throughout the office transfer.

A Guide To Moving Offices With Minimal Downtime: Make the Move Work!

Moving an office is a big decision, and it can be stressful and expensive. It shouldn’t be just about finding a new space; it’s also about taking care of your employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

Don’t forget to take the time to create an actionable plan for how you will move forward once you have found a new location so you will have minimal downtime.

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