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How to Prepare for Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Last year, plastic surgeons performed 1.4 million surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. As more people are choosing to work from home through Zoom, the ability to get the time to recover from surgery as well as the desire to look great on-screen has led to an upsurge in appointments for facial reconstruction surgery.

Even if you have the time to recover at home, you want to know how to prepare for facial cosmetic surgery so that the recovery process is shorter. If you have your surgery scheduled, read on to learn how to get ready for the procedure.

Receive Medical Clearance Before Facial Reconstruction Surgery

You have to have a physical exam completed by your general practitioner before you can undergo facial surgery. The assessment has to be filled out at least one month before the surgery. Your surgeon may request lab work to be able to catch any health concerns that could cause complications with more complex surgeries like forehead reduction.

Boost Protein and Fiber Intake

During the weeks before surgery, you want to build up your immune system by eating lean meats and fish options like salmon. You will also want to increase your fiber intake to aid digestion processes. Because you will not be able to do much exercise after surgery and you will be taking pain medications, constipation can be a concern. You can help prevent this by turning to healthy options like almonds, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt to promote digestive health. Avoid processed foods and limit the sodium in your diet. Too much sodium will make the swelling after surgery worse.

Quit Smoking and Abstain From Alcohol

If you are a smoker, your surgeon will ask you to quit a few weeks before surgery. Smoking can complicate surgery and can make infections more likely as you recover. Because smoking decreases blood flow, it can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

You want to abstain from any alcohol starting about 72 hours before the surgery because it can affect your immune system. It can also increase bleeding during and after the procedure.

Drink Water

You want to increase your water consumption before the day of the facial cosmetic surgery. Being well hydrated will help with the process of recovery. Remember that the day before your surgery you will have to avoid food and water, so you want to be hydrated enough to manage that.

Ask for Help

You will need help going home after your surgery and you will also need help as you recover. Plan ahead and ask friends and family members to stay with you at least for the first day after facial surgery.

Get the Results You Want

By knowing how to prepare for facial reconstruction surgery, you will be maximizing your chances of having a complication-free recovery. Always ask your surgeon about anything you are not clear about to ensure you have a successful surgery.

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