How To Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

How To Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

Getting your winter wardrobe together can seem tedious, especially if you wear the same winter clothes year after year. You’ve likely stocked up on winter essentials before, so the durable clothing you’ve gathered will probably last you many winters. While finding clothing that provides this longstanding value is positive, it can make styling winter fashions less fun. Here’s how to refresh your winter wardrobe this year.

Purchase Some Holiday Clothes

Most of your winter wear is probably composed of warm pants, long-sleeved shirts, thick socks, sweater dresses, etc. You may have yet to include an abundant supply of holiday clothing in your wardrobe. To make wearing your winter clothes more fun, stock up on your favorite silly Christmas sweaters for women, holiday socks, and pajamas. By making your wardrobe just a bit more festive, you can refresh your winter wardrobe to bring in some newness this year.

Get Rid Of Worn-Out Clothes

As you revisit your winter clothes, you might notice that a few items are a bit worn-out or maybe you just don’t like them anymore. To refresh your wardrobe, get rid of your worn-out clothes by donating them to thrift stores in your area or selling them to consignment shops near you (or online!).

Incorporate New Accessories

Add accessories to give new life to your current go-to ensembles. A simple scarf or handbag can complete your look and transform it into something new. You can even shop for lightweight hoodies to wear over your winter sweaters for added warmth and to create newness to your winter wardrobe this year.

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Look For Deals

Grab a few extra winter essentials by shopping for seasonal deals. You can find an extra pair of comfortable shoes that still look good in the winter (like waterproof boots) or a chunky-knit sweater to add to your winter wardrobe. It doesn’t take much to refresh your clothing if you’re thinking about your approach. You can include new items if you’re frugal about it and focus on purchasing the items you genuinely need.

In some cases, you might even put your ‘creativity hat’ on and design your clothes yourself. See what’s missing in your winter wardrobe and shop for those items. Additionally, stock up on the essentials you can never have enough of, such as warm wool socks, thermals, and winter scarves. By purchasing some extra winter essentials, you can refresh your wardrobe and make it feel new without spending a lot.

Get New Hats And Gloves

An easy way to refresh your winter wardrobe is to purchase new hats and gloves with your winter outerwear this year. Even if your closet is made up of staples you’ve leaned on for multiple winters, you can still incorporate some newness by adding hats and gloves that are more in line with modern trends. Creating balance in your wardrobe by choosing present trends in your hats and gloves can refresh your wardrobe and make it feel brand new.

The Bottom Line

Refresh your winter wardrobe by incorporating new elements in the smallest of ways from upcoming fashion trends. By adding accessories and making room in your closet for new, holiday-focused items, you can refresh your winter wardrobe and look forward to wearing your winter essentials this season. Look for the things you genuinely need to make your winter wardrobe as effective as possible and make your money go farther.

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