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Information about Porto Blu

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The Porto Blu is an elite condo improvement with 30 luxury apartments in the heart of Puerto Morelos and will include management and amenities that will allow its visitors and owners to experience the “barefoot luxury” during their visit. Pledge to continue. An unusually favorite area within the mobile separation from the beach.

The Porto Blu Condo Project, located in Puerto Morelos, is being developed by Architecture House, KINCE, one of the most prestigious in Cancun. Understands part of the arrangements. , And private improvement in the region, with respect to the highest overflows in Cancun as well as the Mexican Pacific.

“At ELEVA Capital Group, we are thrilled to announce and promote the latest portfolio offer, which is one of the key improvements beyond Cancun, even before it came out, 40. % sold, based on the fact that Riviera is one of those areas in Cancun that is comfortable for Americans and Canadians without any pressure and with a simple entrance to each of the extraordinary city administrations. Is becoming one of the favorite places to share insights. “.

Porto Bleu – Beach Condo in Puerto Morelos, which offers a “Credible Relaxed Village Life” competition, will have management and facilities:

  • 30 30 luxury apartments within mobile distance to the sea
  • Luxury 1- and 2-room apartments between 883 square feet (84 m2) and 2,131 square feet (198 m2)
  • Penthouse with rooftop terrace and Jacuzzi
  • 24 hours security with closed-circuit
  • Panoramic pool
  • Panoramic sea views
  • Elevators
  • Reception
  • Parking garage

It is worth noting that ELEVA Capital Group and Porto Blu – Beach Condos will offer lofts under a condo system and offer a tour under the executive conspiracy so that owners can own their new property in the seasons of their choice. I can participate as well as make offers. Offshore outsourcing comes with the great promise of cost savings.

It is also important to note that the ELEVA Capital Group has planned the idea of ​​”barefoot luxury” with the aim of allowing new owners to move forward with an easy and loose experience in Porto Morelos, Mexico. One of the objections in the Caribbean. The most notable development and extra respect.

In addition, the Porto Blu-Beach Condos special area provides a new travel experience for these two owners and guests, with prominent stores in general stores, Odds and Andes shops, and neighboring urban communities, e.g. such, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, as well as easy access to explore the surroundings and iconic tourist sites that include beaches, cenotes, and natural parks.

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