jimmy galante net worth

Jimmy Galante net worth

Jimmy Galante is a convicted felon and businessman. He was president of “Mechanized Garbage Removal (AWD)” previously.

Early Life

Jimmy Galante is also known as James Galante. He was born in the Bronx, New York, on January 5, 1953. From a strictly religious perspective, Jimmy Galante is a Capricorn and a Christian.

Newstime claims that Jimmy Galante spent his childhood in South Salem, New York, where he lived with an American family. He attended John Jay Secondary School in the United States, which is relevant to training.


Jimmy Galante joined the United States Flying Corps in 1971 and served in Thailand. He was honorably discharged from the Flying Corps after a few years and resumed his normal life.

After leaving, Flying Corps Jimmy worked as a sales representative in New York for a company that did “cross-country disinfection.” After that, he established “Trucking across the Country,” which became his most well-known organization. Jimmy started his own mechanized garbage removal company when he was 26 years old.

Jimmy Galante claims the Danbury Fortunes hockey gathering and quick vehicles. He is an extraordinary giver. Jimmy gave a lot of money to the Danbury Clinic to build a football field for the school and a crisis center.

Galante was accused of legal malpractice in 1999 for recording a false evaluation form. He spent a long time behind bars. Following that, the public authority conserved its resources. As a result, Jimmy was unable to control his business and lost approximately $100 million.

Jimmy Galante also fell out of the fastest-car category. Interestingly, the government gave him permission to run an American company called Enviro Arrangements.

Personal life

Jimmy Galante and Roseanne were best friends. They got married in the United States after that. Jimmy Galante is the father of AJ Galante, a child, and two teenagers.

Despite purchasing a hockey team for his child, Jimmy regards his child as the most important person in his life. On occasion, he shares charming photos of his daily life on Facebook. Nevertheless, Jimmy Galante lives in New York City and is very content with his family.

Jimmy Galante net worth

Jimmy Galante net worth is $3 million, as of writing. Jimmy Galante would have been a wealthy man with $100 million in assets if the public authority had not maintained its plurality.

How Jimmy Galante is made money?

Given Jimmy’s enormous total assets, we must consider his income sources. When Jimmy Galante worked as a sales representative for a sterilization organization, he made a lot of money, and he made a lot of money from that job. After that, he became the organization’s president. After that, Jimmy achieves wealth and amasses an impressive sum of money.

His most well-known group, the “Danbury Treasures,” was a popular hockey team. Additionally, Jimmy Galante patronized Hustling Vehicles. Jimmy received a lengthy prison sentence for his trouble. 2014 saw his release from prison.

After that, the government gave Jimmy permission to start his own business. His assets total about $3 million at the moment, and his salary is about $200,000.

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