Kitchen Upgrade: 10 Secret Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Your kitchen is not considered one of the most-used spaces in a home just because it’s where you and your family dine. Through the years of innovations in designs and styles, it has become a multi-purpose space: for hanging out, holding meetings, or even conducting online job interviews. A kitchen can also become a sanctuary where you dwell on the events of a tire-filled day.

With heavy foot traffic, a kitchen should be sturdy enough to be functional and visually pleasing to make an impact. Your kitchen’s appearance will also reflect your lifestyle.

Planning a kitchen remodel and want proven and practical tips to incorporate into your renovation project plans? This post will give you a definitive guide. Use these suggestions to make your kitchen look expensive without necessarily breaking the bank.

1. Source Classy-Looking Furniture

While sourcing expensive-looking furniture, the trick is to choose something wallet-friendly that still makes a statement. Also, when shopping for chairs and cupboards in furniture stores in Milton, relay your plans, especially your allocated budget, to the furniture experts. This way, they can give you budget-friendly choices that meet your kitchen’s high-class-look demands.

2. Upgrade Your Flooring System

Your kitchen is one of the most-used areas in your house and the flooring usually takes the brunt of the occupant’s regular activities. Your flooring system also lays the foundation for how your kitchen’s atmosphere should look.

If you want to add expensive and striking elements to your kitchen, installing engineered flooring in Toronto is an excellent option.

Upgrading your flooring system will make your kitchen more functional. More importantly, beautiful flooring can make all the difference by elevating the looks of simple cabinets, chairs, and cupboards into something with a real presence.

3. Adjust Your Lighting

Consider switching your light fixtures to upgrade the appeal of the room. Lighting is like a piece of jewellery in your renovation project. It adds personality or an unexpected element, providing the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

Light colours on the walls and cabinets can dramatically brighten the space by making it look more prominent and, eventually, more expensive. Light colours can also hide imperfections, such as wall scratches, dings, and dents on outdated cabinets.

When sourcing lighting accessories to change the mood of the space, you may opt to buy chandeliers and pendants.

You can choose whether you want a uniform or a mixed-up appearance created by your lighting fixtures. We suggest unexpected shapes and designs so your space will have a designer-inspired effect.

4. Upgrade Your Hardware

If you’re currently using large drawers and cabinets, consider using different hardware for each to bring additional details into your decor. Keep the finishes uniform for knobs, faucets, and sinks so their looks won’t clash.

Upgrading your hardware can make your cabinets feel refreshed without you having to splurge on brand-new installations.

5. Don’t Forget to Add Art

Adding artwork can be a great way to elevate any room, including your kitchen. Don’t let the tempting idea of doing something grand and bold intimidate you since it will help you achieve the illusion of a spacious kitchen space.

For instance, you might feel that your walls lack personality. In this case, you can hang an interesting piece of artwork to bring colour and texture into your space. You can let go of conventional themes like fruit and vegetable paintings. Instead, use vintage oil works and modern paintings to create a sophisticated vibe.

6. Consider Placing Counter Stools

Adding counter stools is ideal for adding personality to the space with furnishings. This can also be a great solution when your kitchen lacks the space for additional furniture items. Choose barstools in interesting and unique shapes and materials to add an unexpected element to the layer of your design.

7. Organize Your Counters

Piles of dirty utensils, wet sponges, and messy items can produce an ugly and uninviting feeling. Keep your counters organized to avoid creating a less-than-special ambiance in your kitchen. You can begin by enclosing necessities you can’t keep in cabinets in decorative trays and baskets. Make space for small appliances you don’t always use in cupboards or high cabinets. You can also hide cleaning supplies in a box beneath the sink.

If you decide to show off some of your dishware to add some decorative touches, consider keeping them minimal. Add a minimal tea set with mugs and a teapot in matching colors and designs and put a vase of flowers to brighten up the space. Another way to make your kitchen countertop look organized is to use storage solutions. This could involve investing in attractive containers for storing items like spices and cooking oils. Alternatively, you could install shelves or hooks to hold often-used items like pots and pans. By taking advantage of storage solutions, you can keep your countertop clear and make your kitchen look more elegant and organized.

8. Deep-Clean Your Space

This tip is a no-brainer and doesn’t even cost a dime! To make your kitchen feel cozy and sleek, conduct a thorough deep-cleaning—maybe that’s just what your kitchen needs to highlight its distinct design and vibrant atmosphere.

Keeping your kitchen decluttered will allow its focal points to catch the eye effortlessly with their fresh appearance. Remove any unnecessary clutter before you conduct a deep clean.

With deep cleaning, you’ll be able to detect plumbing issues and other sink problems immediately. As a result, you can quickly visit the website of reputable plumbing service providers in your area to get help.

9. Install a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands, as expensive as they look, don’t have to come at a high cost, nor should they be built-in. If you have extra space in the centre of your kitchen, you can opt to install a rolling island that can be moved easily.

10. Upgrade Storage Solutions

Another way to keep your cook space fresh and expensive-looking is to store your daily food items (snacks, oats, flour, coffee grounds, pasta, etc.) in a unified set of storage containers.

Also, by standardizing the design across your kitchen, you’ll keep these essentials on hand while elevating the look of your space.

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