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Learn math with Cuemath

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Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects but only for the ones who have doubts and unclear basics. But, if you have the best mentor with you it will be easier for you to understand all the topics and concepts and this is a great way to clear all your doubts. Topics like mensuration need special learning due to a lot of formulas and concepts. The word problems need formulas like area of the square, rectangle, volume of a sphere, the volume of hemisphere, the total surface area of the cone, lateral surface area etc. these formulas are important to be remembered so that you can solve those problems properly.

Let us look at one of the concepts of 3D objects.

Hemisphere is one of the 3D shapes. The word “Hemi” means half and the word “sphere” so is a three-dimensional shape that also has a flat surface beneath. It is like a half sphere and you will also need to learn about the total surface area as well as the lateral surface area.

The volume of hemisphere = (2/3) πr3 cubic units.

The surface area of the hemisphere can also be found similarly. The information on it is also available on the Cuemath website. There are also different other aspects you need to learn and you can do all this with the help of Cuemath.

Cuemath is the online platform meant for students who want to make all their concepts clear and excel in their studies always. Different concepts are difficult to understand due to the communication gap between the students and teachers and Cuemath has become the platform for these students to give them the personal mentoring they require to excel in the class.

The topics of mathematics are difficult to understand therefore Cuemath has a step by step information on how to work out every problem.

Here is what you get with the help of Cuemath:

  1. Doubt clearing: When you need to solve your queries you can take the help of a platform like Cuemath and all you need to do is visit the Cuemath website where you will be getting a personal one on one with your mentor so that you can convey all your doubts and it is will be easier for you to understand everything. if you need to clear your basics, it will also be solved when you are using the platform made for you.
  2. Mentoring: There are mentors assigned to every student who gives you a one on one interaction that is different from regular online learning. As there have been online classes going on it has been found that students are finding it hard to get through the concepts due to lack of concentration as well as how students get to clear their doubts. The mentor will help you to get through everything and also teach you everything. They concentrate on the equations and teach you the derivation of how things work.
  3. 24/7 notes: When you are a part of Cuemath you get to solve all your doubts as there is all the information displayed on the website and the topics can be searched for and then you can clear it out whenever you are studying. The notes will help you to learn everything properly even when the mentor is unavailable.

Cuemath helps everyone to get the best learning experience they are looking for. There are many helpful solutions available on the website and you can even learn to code if you are interested. Get the best help you need with Cuemath. Be a part of Cuemath today!

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