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How to Train Your Pomeranian Maltese Mix?

The Maltese Pomeranian mix is ​​a hybrid dog, also known as a Maltipom. These adorable dogs typically have the small face of a Pomeranian but have the long coat of a Maltese. They may look like wild animals but the owner should not forget that these cute people have a mind of their own. A small Maltipom means he often has privileges, such as sleeping on the bed that larger dogs don’t take for granted. However, it sends mixed messages because it takes itself to the same level of humanity. In his mind, he thinks: ‘Like my mother is like a dog,’ so he might as well go to his good position in the family pack.

To make matters worse, even though the mistreatment of a large dog is not tolerated, the adorable Maltipom often breaks the law. Think of a thing that reacts to a large Rottweiler (he asked to deliver the mail) and a Maltese Pomeranian mix laugh from the brave man. Basically, it’s the “little dog” that comes. All responsible owners are responsible for raising their dogs to be reliable and obedient, which is why Pomeranian Maltese Pomeranian mix training should be taken seriously.

Defining Tasks of Maltese Pomeranian mix

Pomeranian Maltese Pomeranian mix training should be done with firm but fair leadership. Set house rules and stick to them so the dog understands that there are lines that should not be crossed and behaviors that are not acceptable.

Training should actually be done using a reward-based approach. This is a way to motivate the dog to please you, as it provides valuable feedback. He begins to think for himself of the behavior you want him to perform and receive the reward. The backbone of reward-based training is the use of treats; however, some small dogs are less motivated than larger breeds. If you have a puppy that turns his nose up even at the liver cake, find something else he likes and reward him. It could be a tug-of-war with a favorite toy, chasing a ball, or even praise and storytelling.

For food-motivated Maltipom, your job is pretty simple. And make sure the treat is small, it’s just a taste of the food, or the toddler will spend more time eating than training and preparing for another pound.


1: Understand the challenge.

Maltipoms are small dogs and the height between you and the dog can be a challenge. The dog will feel terrible if you throw up while climbing it, and your back will hurt if you slouch. Something as simple as recognizing this and doing something to make it less scary can make a big difference, and of course, it’s always good to think about how the dog understands what’s going on and ways to improve the relationship.

2: At the dog level

Try to work on the same level as the dog. The obvious choice is to sit with the dog and do it. Alternatively, lift the dog up by placing it on the table. Finally, place a cloth or dirty towel on the table to make it comfortable, and don’t leave it unattended so it doesn’t fall over.

3: Avoid inconsistency

Maltipoms are intelligent dogs and love to experiment. Training will be successful if you follow the rules. For example, if the rule is “no dog on the couch” and you enforce it during the week, but you let the dog roam on the weekend, it would be confusing. Look and choose the option you like (jumping on the sofa!).

4: Nothing is free.

This is a method the dog will use to “work” to get important benefits, such as food or a walk on a leash. In its simplest form, this involves having the dog sit before placing the bowl. The idea is that the dog will pay attention to you for good things to happen. The result is a listening dog that waits for cues and guidance.

5: Make it fun

Dogs learn best when they are happy and eager to please. During practice, make your voice bright and cheerful and praise him when he does something well. Also, keep activities short so he doesn’t know what to do with his attention and is eager to learn.

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