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Death of Mattie louise bivins Watson

The obituary of mattie louise bivins Watson details her life, died August 15, 1942, in Upson County, Georgia. She married John H. Watson, born March 13, 1928, in Marion County, Georgia. Herman Bevins and Mattie Bell Luster were her parents. Willie B. and Juanita E. Bivins Walton had a total of 4 children. She was born May 15, 1938 in Marion County.

 Meeting of Couple

Jane Watson was born in Palestine, Texas to Nannie Bevins and E. Cummings. They were adopted as children and later married off. The couple had two children, a son, and a daughter. After 12-15 months of marriage, the couple had children together. Both of their children are actually adults. In 1961, they were reunited.


Jane Watson married Mattie Lewis in 1961. They were in a relationship for fifteen years. They had a son and daughters. She is survived by her sons. Her husband and their 3 grandchildren live to tell the tale. Deborah Miner, his godmother, also becomes his. The Watson Family Unofficial Internet site is accessible to anyone who needs their excitement ratio for Trek.

Fan page

There is a web obituary for Mattie Louise Watson. The couple’s early years of marriage are chronicled in addition to their track career on an unofficial internet site run by a fan and encouraged by her husband’s manager. It’s a beautiful way to remember his life and his legacy. Families may wish to honor the memory of Mattie Louise Watson by sharing her obituary.

Death of Mattie louise bivins

Despite the variety of accolades for his higher half, his death no longer has significant institutions with various relatives. When she turned fifteen, she married Jane Watson. Information about their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren may be preserved in his death. She became a member of the Bermuda United Methodist Church and the Navarro Regional Hospital, however, no legal memorial was offered for her husband.

Popular Country Singer

A Mattie Louise Watson obituary can be found on the online obituaries of her husband. When searching for additional obituaries for a loved one, an obituary is similarly helpful. She is known as a country singer. Her husband, Gene Watson, became a famous Alabama singer. A son is born to the couple. He died in 2010.

Short facts about the husband

Her husband is a famous singer who is still acting at the age of 78. His most famous songs include “Farewell Party”, “Build My Mansion” and “Fourteen Carat Mind”. He has been battling cancer mostly due to ups and downs in his track career. However, she has by no means given up and is still going strong. Since he is one of the most famous singers, many famous people have paid tribute to him at some point in his life. A person who cannot be stopped.


On June 6, 1946, Matt Lewis was born. He becomes the second youngest child of his mother. She passed away at the age of sixty-two. She was born in Madison County to farmers who were both her parents. After her death, Benny married James Lyles, a legal professional. He died on 6 Jun 2021 and the two were married on 27 Sep 1917.

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