Accessories for a Stylish Man

Must-Have Accessories for a Stylish Man

No outfit is truly complete without the proper accessories. While it is a common opinion that modish accessories such as jewelry pieces or unique belts and hats are mostly reserved for ladies, this is absolutely not the case. The truth is that any man of style needs a few staple items when it comes to accessorizing his outfit of the day. This can range from an elegant watch you wear daily when heading off to your work meetings and presentations to designer sunglasses and a vintage bow tie that you will wear to your friends’ wedding. So, if you want to get more familiar with the guidelines of accessorizing for men, keep on reading.


Investing in one or a few high-quality men’s watches is definitely a good choice. You should go for at least one classic version, such as an analog watch with a leather or canvas strap. However, a retro, digital watch with a stainless steel bracelet is another amazing and a bit more fashionable choice. Acquiring these timepieces can be done by contacting certified professionals who specialize in preowned luxury watches. You can opt to wear them when you want to be minimalistic but also combine them with other chic details when you want to achieve a noticeable fashion expression.

Wallets and cardholders

Wallets and cardholders

A man of style will never be caught wearing his cards and cash in the pockets of his trousers or jeans. Thus, a nice wallet is an obligatory accessory. If you want to make a fashion statement, the best move is to go with unique options such as a modern carbon fiber minimalist wallet, which is also quite practical as it holds both cash and cards. This kind of exceptional wallet is versatile, so you can combine it with a suit as well as a simple jeans-and-T-shirt everyday look, in which case this accessory will go amazingly with a stainless steel watch to create a trendy look. We should mention that leather wallets and cardholders are another great staple option. However, modern and thin versions, like titanium or aluminum wallets, are much trendier and durable, while at the same time being that one practical and smart detail that completes your look of choice.


While you can pull a stylish and relaxed outfit without a belt, a proper classy and dapper combination is impossible without this accessory. A leather belt, black or brown, is a must-have in your wardrobe but if you want to serve exquisite looks, there are some amazing flamboyant options, such as knitted or belts with fringe. The most important thing to have in mind is to wear a proper belt with the proper outfit, as you don’t want to ruin an elegant suit with a too-casual belt or to mismatch a pair of high-quality jeans with a leather belt with a statement buckle. So, the right thing to do is to equip yourself with a few lovely belts that are in accordance with your personal style. Remember, a belt does not only keep your trousers up but your fashion style as well. This is why you should be careful about the leather manufacturer that has created the belt. Make sure to know more about their processes if you are investing in a real high-end piece.


As is the case with most of the mentioned accessories, rather than having a bunch of cheap and low-quality sunglasses, it is better to invest your pennies in two or three pairs of high-class ones. You can go with a choice that is cool and trendy at any given moment, thanks to Tom Cruise and his role in “Top Gun”. We are, of course, talking about aviator sunglasses which you can easily style with all sorts of outfits. A classic pair of Ray-Ban’s or a pair of fashionable ones with pink lenses? The best is to go for both. Another great option is round ones that look fashionable and classy when matched with a linen suit for a summer event. This type will go excellently with a white polo T-shirt or with a crisp shirt and jeans. Many brands offer high-quality shades of this type, so you can easily find a pair that will best suit your style and your face.

To conclude, a man of style knows that the secret of dressing impeccably is in the details. With the above-mentioned accessories, you will find it much easier to assemble a good outfit, as you already have the key elements. Choose the options that are in sync with your style and rock amazing and exquisite looks.

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