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New Interior design styles for your home

The new year has brought to us many new interior design styles that look like they are here to stay. So, if you are thinking of redoing your home or redesigning your space, you should look through these and they might be just what you needed in your home! You can easily mix and match these trends to suit your needs and personality. This year is all about creating spaces that are true to you more than they are true to a particular kind of style.

Two-tone colour schemes

One of the most popular styles right now is using two-tone colour schemes- they add definition and depth to the room while giving it a layer of personality. The reason why these designs have become so famous is because of how uncomplicated and simple. It is better to use two contrasting tones of the colour- light and dark, for example. Dark colours take up more space and make the room look smaller, so, it is suggested to use them below the eye line while using lighter shades over the eye line. This will create a soft contrast that will allow the room to feel comfortable.

Reimagined design classics

Translating historic pieces into design styles is a fresh and new way of breathing life into living spaces. By using furniture styles from classic furniture and painting their bold colours, design classics are making their way into an updated form of interior design. Besides following classic furniture styles, drawing inspiration from old classic paintings is also gaining a lot of popularity.

A lot of interior design styles are seeing the styling of replicas of classics or pieces inspired by those classics being used to make accent art walls. Another popular way to do this is by disguising wall mounted televisions in gallery walls to make the technology less noticeable. An easy way to get your TV wall mounted is by contacting professionals. You can click here to do so.


Nature-inspired interior design styles have become increasingly popular, with terracotta and warm browns and greens becoming famous in the design world. Especially after the pandemic when all people saw were the walls of their room, it makes sense why the nature inspired theme is doing so big this year. Nature-inspired wallpapers covering the whole room is another trend that is famous and is going to stay through the year. Biophilic office spaces and living rooms also saw an increase this year with a lot of people turning to plants and gardening during the pandemic.

Rounded furniture

Curves and arches are big this season- in architecture as well as in furniture. While classic rectangular pieces will always remain on trend, this year is going to see a lot of furniture with either rounded edges or unconventional shapes. As more and more people start seeing interior design as an art form to express themselves, a lot of new and differently shaped furniture have made their place in the design world- to the point where people are almost staying away from the classic pieces or are adding their touch to them.


Apart from furniture, architecture is also seeing a lot of arches. Arches are predicted to become big this year, with more homes adapting to the rounded designs. They provide an organic feeling to the room and can be used to make a focal point. Arches are also being combined with biophilic designs because they connect you to nature. With most spaces having clean straight lines, arches break up the pattern and bring a sense of comfort to the room. They add the contrast that brightens up dull spaces and provides an extra layer of depth and dimension.

Travel inspired motifs

No surprise this is gaining more popularity, with travel being banned for almost two years in some countries. Travel-inspired motifs are seen as the perfect way to make the design feel more personal to the person who is going to be using the space. Travel-inspired motifs have been gaining steady popularity and for all the right reasons- They are versatile in design and colour, they add character, and are easy to work with!

Contemporary Trompe L’oeil

An interior design style where a realistic mural is painted to make an illusion of a three-dimensional scene, texture or object, this artistic style has become increasingly famous and is said to be popular in the coming year. Apart from providing artists of interior design with creative space, they make the space look dynamic and add an element of character. While the classic Trompe L’oeil has been famous for years, the contemporary twist to it has just gained attention. This modern art approach to a classic and well-loved technique makes it more approachable and affordable.

While there are going to be multiple new kinds of styles coming in this year, it is important that you choose designs that speak true to yourself. Give yourself creative freedom and mix and match whatever kind of styles you need to make your space comfortable and yours.

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