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Information about the painter of the night chapter 76 and 77

The manga collection Painter of the night is a story set in Korea at some stage in the Goryeo period. the 2 major characters, Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-kyum had been sent from their respective families to stay at court where they serve Kim Myong Gwang as transcribers for his diary which includes secrets and techniques about overseas affairs among the Joseon nation and China including army techniques against Japan when it attacked nearly 500 years in the past known now surely “the first Sino-Japanese war.”

Chapter 76:

When Yoon Seungho enters the village, human beings in his place of origin bow all the way down to him. Na-Kyum is one of them and whilst he sees that it’s now not an enemy but alternatively a person else, orders for their freedom with panic-troubled eyes full of disbelief at what has come about before finally coming returned into reality as orderlies set out on finding who those strangers

The soldiers then spot two figures on foot among their ranks after figuring out they were captured during the battle; even though a ways from defeated by using this surprising turncoat event–the officer main almost 100 pikemen towards victory might by no means suspect treachery.

Seung Hwa, Lee Jihwa and Min are all sitting in the backroom of some diner speakme approximately their plans for the next day. Seungho is looking them closely but he can’t assist feeling like something big is probably taking place quickly- who is aware of? perhaps this will mark every other shift in the direction of greater interest from human beings around the metropolis or perhaps just one individual’s interest is sparked via what everybody else appears so excited over!

Painter of the night chapter 77 launches date:

The relatively predicted next chapter of the manga collection might be released on 27th August 2021.

Other things about chapter 77

It’s legitimate! Continuing their tradition, the upcoming chapter for season three of the manga series Painter Of The night is 77 and we’re not going to smash it here. stay tuned – extra information can be released quickly enough approximately this exciting new installment in our favorite horror story that is positive to hold you at domestic studying until sunrise or sleeping with one eye open (or both).

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