Patrick g Jackson Twin Brother

Patrick g Jackson Twin Brother


The twin brother of actor Paul Jackson is Patrick G. Jackson. His name is Patrick g Jackson Twin Brother. He is a doctor as well. He is the chief of astronomical surgery and an associate professor at Georgetown University. He has expected total assets of $23 million and a monthly salary of $170,000. He has two daughters and is married. He is also related to actor Janna Ryan, who is his sister-in-law.


His parents were from Miami and attended historically Black colleges after attending segregated schools. They lived in the Washington, DC, area after graduation, where they worked as public school teachers. They returned to Miami after giving birth to their son. Johnny Jackson, their son, needed to earn a law degree. Ketanji Jackson, their mother, worked as an undercover drug recovery officer.

Distinguished Background of Patrick

Patrick G. Jackson has a much more distinguished background than Ketanji Jackson, despite the fact that Patrick G. Jackson is slightly younger than his twin brother. At the Massachusetts General Hospital, he completed his internship, residency, and fellowship. He and Ketanji Jackson have two children and are currently affiliated with MedStar Georgetown College Hospital in Washington, D.C. Patrick is in the middle of his 50s. It’s possible that his children are in their 20s.


Like his sibling, Patrick G. Jackson has two brothers. Francis Gardner Jackson III is his older brother, and William Jackson is his twin brother. They share similar fatherly grandparents, Francis Gardner and Jane Mathews. Both of them are citizens of the United States and practice Christianity. Their father holds a doctorate from Colombia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, and both of their parents are Harvard graduates.

Love Life

In 1996, Patrick Jackson tied the knot with Ketanji Brown. While attending Harvard University, they met. Before the Mayflower, their ancestors were from England. They fell in love when they met at Harvard College. They were hitched in 1996 before their loved ones. They currently reside in New York.

Wife Introduction

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a lawyer from the United States who will serve as an interim government judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sometime in 2021. Ketanji Jackson, who was born in Miami, Florida, went to Harvard University and worked as the Harvard Law Review’s editorial manager. Before beginning her professional career, she held three clerkships. She also collaborated with Associate Justice Stephen Breyer of the Supreme Court.

Ketajh Jackson Mother

Ketajh Jackson and Dana Little Jackson are related through their parents. Prudence Petersen, their mother, passed away on May 22, 2010, in Houston, Texas. Dana little, their mother, was a lawyer who was close with Jackson. Together, they have three children.


Patrick and Ketanji met while attending Harvard University. In 1996, they tied the knot and had two daughters. Ketanji was in Harvard Medical School when she met Patrick. Ketanji and Patrick had been together for six and a half years. They later divorced. While in college, Patrick and Ketanji were roommates.

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