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Reasons to celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2022 at an orphanage

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Every year you celebrate Rakshabandhan with your siblings and your family. It is wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones and celebrate the festival in the comfort of your homes. But there are many people out there who are not able to celebrate it just like you and your family. So this is the time that you share some of your time and love with them on Raksha Bandhan so they can feel the warmth too. For starters, you can go to an NGO, girls’ care center, or orphanage. You can take your online rakhi combos with you to this visit and bring happiness to their faces. If you are still giving it thoughts then we have some reason to convince you to do this.

Something different from every year

You have celebrated Raksha Bandhan in the same way for over centuries and now this is time that we bring something different into the pattern. This gives you a fresh time from yearly rituals. It also makes the day exciting that you will be able to do something different, something kid, this year.

Time to be a little helpful

Children in orphanages are unknown from the love of family, which is why it is nice that you visit them on the day of Raksha Bandhan and celebrate it with them. Share your love and gifts. People tie rakhi to them on this day and the girls from the place tie rakhis to the visitors too.

Kids learn from these acts

When you take your kids along on these trips on the day of the festival they learn from these things. They start giving love and warmth to other people too while celebrating with the family as well. This shows them kindness towards everyone even if they are not family.

Spread love and gifts

You share gifts with your siblings every year at Raksha Bandhan. But this is the year when you will be sharing the gifts with the kids in need as well. They will appreciate your gesture and it will fill your heart and make your day too. Make sure you are bringing gifts for the kids. It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can simply bring fruits, toys, sweet dishes, books or anything which they might need in that place. There are times when these organizations need blankets, sheets, pillows, or other basic items which wear their time. This is why

Extra tips to keep in mind

You might be convinced by now to visit an orphanage this Raksha Bandhan but it is also necessary that you keep certain things in mind while you are visiting the place

  • While you will be having a good time there by tying rakhi and sharing gifts it will be nice if you don’t bring your cameras with you. Don’t click pictures, it is not appreciated at all places and you are doing an act of kindness just enjoy it at that time.
  • When you are meeting these kids it is requested to behave appropriately. If you have children with you, ask them to show some empathy for them and they will love it.
  • Every Indian festival is about celebration and rituals but the thing which is loved most is the food. No celebration is complete without food so you should bring it to the place. You can bring anything which you find convenient. Even gifts and presents are appreciated which can be useful for them.
  • If you really want to help then you can ask the organization beforehand what they need at the moment and you can provide that too. You won’t be confused about what you should bring.
  • Just like you, many other families might also be planning on visiting the orphanage. It will be better if you confirm in advance with them about your visit and the timing so that you can tie the FowerAura’s rakhi to them in peace.
  • After you visit make sure you are taking all the things back with you. Include the wrappers, polythene, or any kind of bags that you might have used. You should keep it clean and organized as it was when you arrived.

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