How to consume saffron in winters?

Winters are full of joy, cold, festivals, hot chocolates, etc but it also brings a lot of health issues like cold, flu, fever, joint pain inflammation.

In winters it has been seen that so many people suffer from a lot of diseases and infections because of low immunity like cold, cough, sneezing, allergies, etc

But after all of this, you don’t have to worry much because there are a lot of natural and good options to deal with all such issues like ginger, nutmeg saffron, etc

They work naturally and show the best results against all of this without any side effects like other chemical drugs may do.

Let’s  talk about saffron it is a spice which mainly grown in Asian countries and in India mostly in Kashmir

It’s production and harvesting is very difficult and time taking so it makes it a very expensive spice but it has a lot of benefits and anti-oxidant properties and helps to fight against all the free radicals and actually has increased its uses

So in winter it is a good option to consider, in the market saffron is easily available and you can use in it so many forms. Saffron dosage pregnancy should be kept in consideration while women are consuming saffron in pregnancy/

Such as

  • By making saffron tea.

Saffron tea is also named kahwa and it is traditional tea that is adopted from Kashmir

It has so many benefits against all such flu , colds, cough and its preparations is so easy and less time taking

Take one cup of water, add some saffron strands into it, actually infusing saffron, cloves, cardamom, and also add cinnamon into it and let it boil. You can also add some tea leaves into it and strain it

The saffron increases the power of the immune system and other things add warmness into the body which helps you to fit against the chills in winter.

  • In winters due to cold coughs and chills, everyone wants to hide inside the blanket and furr this leads to the production of latharginess inside the body and you are not able to work properly, creating a lot of stress and other things. To fight against this saffron is a good option you can simply add some infused saffron or saffron strands into the boiled milk which soothes your mind and body because of its aroma and help you a lot and makes you healthy and alert at the same time. There are many saffron benefits for women which women should consider in pregnancy, as excessive doses may kill it out.
  • In winter’s most people suffer from skin problems, dryness, pigmentation so Saffrons works well against all of that. All you have to do is just take some saffron strands and infuse it and make a paste of adding them in the lukewarm water and apply on the area it shows you the great effects against any skin problem but should consult before applying if any reaction shows
  • It is also seen that people apply the infused saffron mixed with lukewarm water to the forehead which helps against the cold and cough symptoms mainly in winters.

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