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Smoking for Beginners: How to Use Chillums One-Hitter Pipes, and More

Consumption of cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and its use is still celebrated in our modern culture. Using a chillum one-hitter or hitting a bong is an exhilarating experience that offers the user a high unlike any other.

In today’s society, cannabis consumption has become increasingly popular. It has become so mainstream that the “weed industry” has also evolved from industrial grow ops to legalized dispensaries and shops. According to reports, the global legal marijuana market was valued at $9.1 billion in 2020.

The following article will explain how to use several smoking devices properly.

How to Use a Chillum

A chillum is very simple. It has no-carb and does not have any percolators or gauges, which means that it is ready for immediate use. Here are the parts of a chillum one-hitter and the steps to use it correctly.

  • The bowl or mouthpiece is where you load your ground-up cannabis concentrate.
  • The stem is the hollow tube that connects the bowl piece to the body.
  • The body will come in different sizes and designs at one end of the tube attached to the bowl piece.
  • The filters will be anywhere from 1-3 holes placed on the side of the chillum. These holes help filter out any leftover particulate matter and create airflow.

Steps to Use a Chillum

1) Turn the chillum upside down and use your index fingers to remove any excess resin or leftover cannabis concentrate that may be on the mouthpiece.

2)Use your thumb, middle finger, ring finger, pinky, whichever hand you are more comfortable with to pack the cannabis into the bowl piece. (You don’t want to fill it too tight, or you won’t be able to pull through the smoke, but also don’t pack it too loose, or you will have a hard time getting the bowl piece moving.)

3)Place your lighter over the bowl piece. You mustn’t put your more golden right on top of the chillum because this will combust your cannabis concentrate, and you will be smoking plant matter along with it.

4)Light the lighter and then gently bring the flame into the bowl piece; inhale quickly when you have a good amount of flame going inside the hole of the bowl piece. (Don’t pull too hard or fast because this will make it harder to get a clean hit.)

5)Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds. You must remove the flame from the bowl piece and exhale. Enjoy your high.=

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe

A one-hitter is a great way to get a quick buzz. One hitter is essentially miniature pipes that come in various sizes. These sizes can range from 4″ to 7″, but most one-hitters will be around 5″.

One hitter is excellent because it can easily fit into your pocket and does not require much attention when smoking.

There are a few different parts of the one-hitter pipe; here is what they are and what they are used for.

  • The mouthpiece to fill ground-up cannabis concentrate.
  • The hollow tube that connects the bowl piece to the body.
  • The filter, which can also be referred to as a catcher, will separate the filter from the body at one end and the bowl piece at the other. The place where these pieces meet is called a joint and will allow you to twist the two pieces apart for cleaning purposes.
  • The body, which can be both long and short, is used to store your cannabis concentrate when not in use.

Steps to Use a One Hitter Pipe

1)Scrape some ground-up cannabis concentrate into the bowl piece. It depends on how much cannabis you want to use, but keep in mind that one-hitters are meant for single pulls, so if you pack too much, either find an ashtray or empty it on a hard surface and repack.

2)Twist apart the body and the bowl piece. Use your index fingers to pack ground-up cannabis concentrate into the body of the pipe. You can fill it as tight or as loose as you want, but remember that you usually only take a single pull with one-hitter, so packing it too tightly will make it harder to draw through.

3)Twist together the bowl piece and the body.

4)Use your thumb to hold the lighter underneath, not on top of, the angled hole of the bowl piece. Light your flame and then gently bring it into the bowl piece. Inhale quickly when you have a good amount of flame going inside the hole of the bowl piece. It allows air to flow into the one-hitter and creates a clean pull.

Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and release.

5)When you have finished, pull apart the body from the bowl piece so you can access any leftover concentrate inside the body that you may want to “reload” into your one-hitter. Twist together and put it back in your pocket or bag.

How to Use a Bubbler

A bubbler is a water pipe with a small chamber, usually 3-8 inches in length, which uses water to filter smoke or vapor.

It allows for more minor pulls that are still potent but do not require you to pull as hard as using a bong. They are best because they can be used both inside and outside, not to mention easily transportable. Here are the steps to use them:

  • Fill cannabis concentrate into the bowl piece. A bubbler can have anywhere from one to four bowls, so you will want to pack accordingly.
  • Twist the bowl piece into the body. To ensure that it is tight, pack ground-up cannabis concentrate into the mouthpiece end of the pipe before twisting it in place.
  • Take your thumb and index fingers to hold close one side of the carb if your bubbler has one while lighting on the other side with a lighter or candle.
  • Put your mouth over the mouthpiece and slowly suck in air while still holding tightly to the carb. It pulls air through the water, filtered by ground-up cannabis concentrate.
  • Hold your breath for three seconds and release slowly when you are finished with your hit.


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