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Stunning and Stylish: A Look at the Many Styles of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an often overlooked staple accessory for men and women. Not only do they look great, but they can help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Failure to wear the proper eyewear can leave your eyes vulnerable to damage and disease. However, choosing sunglasses can be overwhelming! With so many styles of sunglasses out there, you may end up spending money on a pair that you hate. If you’re not sure how to choose a pair of sunglasses, keep reading to learn about the different shapes and styles you can choose from.


One of the most iconic types of sunglasses available, aviators were popularized by celebrities rocking this frame.
As the years passed, aviators stayed in style due to their minimalist and timeless appearance. Typically the frames are a silver or gold finish, while the color of the lenses varies from green to red. Crafted from thin wire, aviator shades feature a “double bridge,” which connects the lenses at the nose and brow. This creates an edgier look while keeping the style simple.


If you’re looking for something softer and more bohemian, round sunglasses are right up your alley. These retro-style shades are a classic for those looking to embrace their inner hippie.
Like aviators, most round sunglasses feature a thin wire frame that holds the circular lenses in place. The shape of the nose bridge varies, with some more straight while others have a higher curve. When it comes to colors, these stylish shades vary in lense color. From purple to green, you can find the option that you like best. Similarly, the wireframe is available in practically any color.


Whether you run, hike, bike, or play an outdoor sport, investing in quality sunglasses is crucial to help you see your surroundings. When playing sports like beach volleyball or baseball, the ball can often get lost in the sun, making you vulnerable to losing points.
Sports sunglasses feature a flexible frame, so you don’t have to worry about injury should you get hit in the face. Similarly, they cover a larger portion of your face, meaning you’re full vision is protected.
These sunglasses are typically a tighter fit, as it prevents them from slipping off while you run and won’t fall off your face due to sweat. This is one of the most “unfashionable” sunglasses styles, but they’re still essential for athletes.


Similar to sports sunglasses, these statement shades will turn heads no matter where you go. Unlike frames that feature two separate lenses, shield sunglasses feature one shaped lens to cover your eyes, known as a mono lense.
Typically, these bold glasses err on the side of minimalism, as they are often frameless to create a unique and chic look. However, some are adorned with gems framing the edges or chains to add texture and visual interest to the shades.
You may also find that the outer lens is reflective, hiding your eyes. These are bold and stylish option that works well with Y2K-inspired fashion. Pair them with your favorite hoop earrings or butterfly clips to complete the look.


If you love the 1950s style of preppy skirts, rockabilly polka dots, and vintage-inspired hair, cat-eye sunglasses are for you. These sunglasses feature rounded square lenses, made all the more fashionable by the bold frame. The frames often come to a point towards the outer corner, mimicking the shape of a cat’s eye.
One of the main benefits of these glasses is the fact that they complement any face shape, thanks to the fact that they give the appearance of a naturally lifted and slimmer face.
You can also invest in smaller cat-eye glasses that are much more angular in shape. The lens is smaller than the modern version, but they are much bolder due to the triangular shape.


If you’re looking for one of the most timeless sunglasses, wayfarers are the way to go. These no-frills glasses are easy to pair with any style, as the simple and clean lines match any outfit.
Featuring a rounded square lens with a medium-thick frame, these shades are famous for the tiny metal details that frame the shades. Whether you visit your local mall or a wholesale sunglasses retailer for large orders, these shades are always a hit.
While the frames are traditionally black, you can find these frames in nearly every color. However, the shades will always appear black. Due to their simplicity, they are professional and flattering for almost every face shape.


Like the shield sunglasses, butterfly glasses were a staple of the early aughts. These chic glasses get their name from the shape of the lense, which resembles the silhouette of a butterfly’s wings. Rectangular in form, they are more narrow towards the center, gradually growing larger as they near the arms.
Speaking of the arms, these sunglasses tend to have a thicker frame to support the width of the lenses. This means the arms of glasses have plenty of surface space to make these glasses stand out more.
From brand logos to fun patterns, the arms of these shades can make them much more fashionable.

Explore the Different Styles of Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just an accessory to transform your outfit! They play a significant role in keeping your eyes safe and healthy. When shopping for sunglasses, it’s crucial to know your face shape as it helps determine which style looks best on you. For example, shield sunnies look great on oval faces, while aviators suit triangular faces.
If you found this guide to the styles of sunglasses available on the market helpful, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more great fashion and style tips and tricks to help you look your best. 5elifestyle


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