Smoke a Chillum

The Best Ways to Smoke a Chillum

When you’re looking to expand your smoking experience, there’s no better tool than a chillum. Chillums have been used for years and have become popular recently. However, before you decide to splurge on a chillum, you should know a bit more about it.

There are various ways to use a chillum for your smoking experience. So, if you’re wondering how to use a chillum and how to find a good quality chillum, keep reading.

What Is A Chillum?

A chillum is a smoking tool shaped like a pipe and comes in varying sizes. Chillums are made of clay, glass, or soft stone-like steatite that can be shaped easily. You can find intricate carvings and designs available for these chillums, making them the ideal addition to your smoking collection.

The pipe originated in India and eventually spread to Africa and America. They are popular today for various reasons, and you can find an affordably-priced variant that fits your budget.

Why Does Quality Matter?

When looking to get a chillum, you should know that quality matters. Not having a good-quality chillum will mean that it will break within the first few times you end up using it.

Quality is crucial when looking for a clean taste that isn’t affected by the chillum. You need to ensure that you’re getting a chillum made with good-quality materials, so it doesn’t distort the taste of your smoking substance.

Quality is also essential when you’re considering traveling around with your chillum. A good-quality chillum can stand a bit of rough handling, but not one made of defective materials.

How to Use a Chillum?

A chillum is a conical pipe with two openings. The larger part of the pipe (towards the top of the pipe) fills the hole with the smoking substance. A small stone is lodged inside the pipe that prevents the smoking substance from your mouthpiece.

Once you have tightly packed in the smoking substance, you put your mouth towards the other end while lighting up the substance. Start taking short puffs until the smoking substance has completely depleted. Once that has been done, you can clean the chillum.

To clean the chillum, you have to empty the ashes of the smoking substance into the trash. Take out the stone and clean the inside thoroughly with the help of a rag. Depending on what type of chillum you have, cleaning it with water might not be recommended.

Smoking In A Group Vs. Alone

Since chillums have become so popular, you can find them in various sizes. You can find chillums meant for personal use that you can light up yourself. You can also find chillums that your smoking buddies can light up.

Depending on whether you’re smoking in a group or alone, the chillum you end up investing in can vary. Consider carefully what situations your chillum will be most used for.

Enjoying Your Chillum Experience

When you’re looking to enjoy your chillum experience thoroughly, you have the choice to smoke alone or in a group. Start looking into different options so you have a rough idea about which chillum will be most optimal for you.

Enjoy your smoking experience by finding the perfect chillum that not only becomes an excellent smoking implement but unique addition to your collection too.

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