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The Different Types of Viking Bracelets and Their Meanings

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While the Vikings lived over a thousand years ago, Norse mythology has recently increased in popularity. Old legends have started appearing in video games, TV shows, movies, and books. Vikings are depicted as a violent group of people known for cruel raids and epic battles.

Despite the somewhat bloodiness of the era, that time period was also steeped in rich culture and traditions. One of those traditions was jewelry making, including Viking bracelets.

Bracelets made by the Vikings stem from the early years of their era. This guide will discuss the different types of Viking bracelets and their meanings.

What’s the History of Viking Bracelets?

Viking bracelets can get divided into two groups. Those groups are:

  • Bracelets with a commercial purpose
  • Bracelets with a decorative purpose

Decorative bracelets were those that got worn every day. The Vikings typically used silver or bronze to make these bracelets. Gold was precious during this time, so only wealthy Vikings could afford it.

Another term for decorative bracelets is arm rings, which look just like a ring but are worn around the wrist. Arm rings have beautiful designs filled with carved figures and decorative patterns. You can get Viking arm rings here.

The Vikings also used bracelets as currency, but they weren’t as attractive as the decorative ones. Despite that, they still carried a lot of value and were practical.

A Viking could cut off a piece of their bracelet to pay for something. A bracelet worn for trading purposes was typically wrapped around 90% of their hand. Silver was the primary material for these types of bracelets.

The Meaning of Viking Bracelets

Viking warriors swore loyalty and allegiance to each other and their leaders until they died. When they pledged their oath, their leader would typically give them an arm ring to signify their oath’s binding. Receiving an arm ring created an unbreakable bond that both the leader and warrior respected.

The ritual of receiving an arm ring was usually done when a new warrior was initiated. Loyalty was invaluable during the time of the Vikings. Even the small gesture of giving an arm ring was a significant act.

Adult men were often absent from their families, fighting wars or taking over lands. Male children had critical roles to play in their families and communities. Boys were viewed as future leaders and protectors of their communities.

Viking boys received an arm ring when they reached manhood. The ritual of receiving an arm ring was an essential step in Viking culture. Once he received his arm ring, he was considered no longer a boy and needed to step up as a man.

Learn More About Viking Bracelets

As you can see, Viking bracelets are more than attractive pieces of jewelry to wear. Viking jewelry history showcases the importance of loyalty in their culture. You can also learn more about the era’s hierarchy by learning more about Viking bracelet meanings.

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