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Things That Can Damage Your Eyes

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Having good eyesight is a precious thing, but sometimes it’s beyond our control to choose how well one can see. We usually find perfect eyesight, horrible vision, or something between perfect and horrible. Even though changes in eyesight are out of control as it keeps worsening with age, there are some things we can do or avoid to protect our eyes from damage.

Not taking care of your eye health can negatively impact your eyesight in the long run. Therefore, this article discusses things to stop doing for long healthy eyes. Some of the things we do in our daily activities can leave our eyes with itchiness, infection, dry eyes, or worse.

Below are some of the negative things to avoid:

Wearing Old Contact Lenses

Wearing old contact lenses for a day or two might look harmless, but the chances of having an infection increase. Some tend to wear their contact lenses for longer than they should, sleep with them, fail to change the contact case after some weeks, or share the contact lenses with others. These are significant crimes if you want to prevent having a vision–blurring infection or healthy eyes.

Forgetting to Wear Sunglasses

Your retina can get damaged by exposure to extensive UV. The UV can also pose a risk of significant eye problems like abnormal growth of cataracts. Wearing sunglasses that block the UV while going outside is vital to prevent eye damage. It is more important than you think to wear sunglasses when getting out. You get extra protection when choosing a brand with a built-in UV shield.

Use of Expired Eye Makeup

I know it pains you to get rid of your favorite makeup that you have only used halfway, but using it when it is expired is very harmful. Expired eye makeup can cause eye infections and irritate. According to American Academy, eye makeup should get put off after three months. The best way to go is to throw it up after it gets clumpy.

Staring at Your Smartphone All-Day

Your eyes react by feeling tired due to spending all your day staring at your computer. Your blink rate reduces when you struggle to read minute words on your screen. The speed at which tears get produced decreases as your blink rate decrease. Blurry vision gets caused when the eyes feel tired and dry due to a lack of lubrication. For example, a headache might follow after a few hours of unclear vision and fatigued eyesight. The retina might also deteriorate due to more time spent on the screen, leading to shortsightedness.


Smoking is related to causing cataracts which in the long run damages your eyes by affecting your vision. Age-related macular degeneration is due to the small spot on your retina damage, facilitating sharp central vision. However, your eyesight deteriorates as the spot on your retina starts to deteriorate. For people over 50, this is the leading cause of vision loss, and the condition doubles due to smoking.

Wearing Contact Lenses in Any Form of Water

Contacts in a water pool like a shower, pool, or ocean can allow bacteria into your eyes. This bacteria resides in fresh soil and water and can lead to a severe infection or permanent blindness or damage when it gets in contact with your eye. Bacteria can also damage your vision though it’s not the only cause of infection. Wearing fun reading glasses can also lead to eye strain, followed by a headache.

Rubbing Eyes

When your rub your eyes, it gives you some relief, but bacteria and dirt get spread into your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can cause permanent corneal damage, and the vessels around the eyes can get broken due to their fragile nature. Rubbing your eye when you feel something can dig deeper into the debris. Blinking can be effective as tears will wash it away. If it does not work, put a few eye drops to flush out the eye.

Many people cause damage to their eyes and pose a high risk of losing vision. Some risk factors can get controlled, while others, like age, can’t. Avoid rubbing your eyes, smoking, wearing contacts in the water pool, wearing an old contact lens, using expired makeup, and forgetting to wear sunglasses when stepping out will save you from damaging your eyes.

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