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To you who swallowed a star wiki? What is it?

To you who swallowed a star wiki: the scenario before everything is that Jiu seo actions out of her early life friend’s mansion and that become a little weird before everything. Nonetheless, after shifting from a beautiful mansion to a small room, she finds her world crashing down on top of her.

But, she didn’t come upon what destiny changed into designed for her, she meets Hajun and Hayun and a mountain of kids who stay downstairs on this small apartment.

It is at this same time that Hajun is obtainable an offer to take part in an idol survival program. It is Jiu who seeks to inspire a Hajun to dive in and participate. But, she didn’t know that this action would reason this selection to alternate the path of her life and that of many others.

Who was Jiu seo?

Jiu seo turned into a spoiled female who lived in her pal’s mansion, and over time she needed to pass into a very small apartment that she could slightly fit internal. With the departure of Partamar moving so fast, she didn’t think she might be capable of bearing it for long. This shook its structure, therefore, exchanging an area of terrific area for a space decreased to palms.

The picture she projected changed into her international changed into falling aside. but, some characters seemed that inspired her to preserve and experience the location she became in, all this because of the information of Hajun and Hayun and a few children that she was omitted downstairs on her floor.

So, to you who swallowed a star wiki, is a popular manga inside the USA and plenty of other international locations, where it tells the tale of a female who changed her social status and nevertheless managed to lead her life.

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